What I'm Loving.....Gallery Walls


Can you believe it's Friday again? This week what I'm loving is gallery walls. I have always loved a good gallery wall and have tried a few different ones in my home and they don't always include paintings. Today I'm sharing some gallery wall inspiration.

The bold green wall color puts this gallery wall over the top. I just love this room by Whaling City Cottage.

This nautical gallery wall going down the stair wall over this rope is fabulous found at House and Home.

I love how the lamp becomes part of this gallery wall of botanicals.
Image from ruemag.com.

These botanicals make a great first impression in this entry by Blesser House.

Floor to ceiling at Lonny.

This was my breadboards and copper molds gallery wall in the breakfast room.

The new gallery wall.

Next week I have another revamped gallery wall to share.

I'm off to the Country Living Fair and I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Beautiful inspiration. Love that rope chair rail. That is pretty cool. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love Gallery walls...especially the old dough boards! Are they family heirlooms? A few years ago I was unsuccessfully shopping for a tall antique piece for a specific wall, to balance heavy pocket doors on an opposite wall. I went into an antique store in Winston Salem , spotting a beautiful & useful cherry buffet, .. but it wasn’t anything near what I’d thought I needed in height. Then, I Irealized that the store’s gallery of pictures “for sale” behind the buffet was giving it the illusion of height! So, I bought it and did the same thing, loading my wall with my favorite plates and paintings!

  3. I love a good gallery wall. I just have to work hard to make everything look even... Have a great weekend!

  4. These are great. I saw an interesting wall this week on Color Outside the Lines and Cote de Texas--the pictures were hung nearly to the baseboards, and it looked fantastic.

  5. I so love gallery walls, especially when they are mixed with many different items and textures...I remember creating my very first gallery wall more than 35 years ago...That was when our homes had many walls and not the open concept that many of us seem to have...which means less walls to "curate a gallery" ... I think gallery walls so reflect the personality of the owner. Love them!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your wall Kim. Have a great time at the fair!

  7. I love gallery walls in most settings. I have seen them sometimes that are so crowded and they have no rhyme or reason and they have no 'flow'. Your examples look great. I have had gallery walls off and on in different houses over the years. xo Diana

  8. Awesome Gallery walls I did not know there was so many ways Thank you for sharing

  9. Great inspiration! We have not begun to hang pictures here in our new home....so great ideas!

  10. Perfect inspiration! I can't wait to see what you came up with.

  11. Great inspiration photos, Kim! I just love gallery walls, too!