Eight Tips for a Cozy Guest Bedroom


It's that time of year again when many of us will be hosting family and friends in our homes for the holidays. Today I'm sharing a post I wrote last year about making your guest bedrooms cozy and ready for those guests.

Eight Tips for a Cozy Guest Bedroom

T'is the season for hosting guests and that means preparing a welcoming guest bedroom. I mostly just host family, but occasionally a friend or two may stay and I want them to be very comfortable while here. Today I'm sharing my tips for having a comfortable room for your guests. I'm not hosting until Christmas this year. Thank goodness since my house is a shambles right now until the kitchen gets finished. 

The last time I shared this guestroom I mentioned that the backside of this quilt had these cute orange roses on it and I would like to see what that side looked like so I added the orange/coral velvet pillow which doesn't match the orange in the quilt exactly, but they blend and I love the look.

TIP ONE: A comfy bed with comfy pillows and an extra quilt or blanket.

TIP TWO: Have clean fresh towels and washcloths for each guest.
I like to place them in the room so they will know these are their towels to use plus the ensuite bathroom is tiny.

TIP THREE: Have a large basket, bench, luggage rack, etc. for your guests to place their luggage on. Also make room for hang up clothes in the closet.

TIP FOUR: Offer good lighting by each side of the bed if possible so your guests can read in bed.

TIP FIVE:  Have a working clock with an easy to set alarm.

TIP SIX: Supply a variety of snacks, water, and maybe some tissues and Advil just in case.

TIP SEVEN: A place to sit down and take off/put on shoes. It is also another spot to read with a good light.

TIP EIGHT: Provide some toiletries like body wash and a scrubby or washcloths. I like to put extra towels in the bathroom, too.

Another thing I do when family comes to stay is remove the decorative throw pillows so they don't have to mess with those.

I hope these tips help your guests feel comfortable.

 Maybe not too comfortable or they may never leave. 😏

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  1. Well, these tips are great, but that perfect apple ... love it!

  2. Kim, can you source your cow canvas for us? TIA.

  3. I love that great big wicker piece at the foot of your bed! Great storage for those pretty accent pillows or an alternate bed pillow for guests wanting to prop themselves up to read. Kim, you always have the best tips!!!

  4. I love all your inspiration for welcoming guests for a stay...I love the big wicker baskets Thank you

  5. Can you provide the source for the bed skirt? Nice little ruffle but not too feminine. Thanks

    1. Patty, that is by Pine Cone Hill and I bought it from Wayfair.