What I'm Loving....pine cones for holiday decorating


It's Friday and time for what I'm loving and this week it's pine cones. Since it's November it is time to plan for the holidays. Actually I have been planning for awhile since bloggers have to think ahead.

Today I'm sharing how I decorate with pine cones for the holidays. You may be able to just pick some up from your yard or you can find them in stores and online. I ordered several of mine a few years ago. I ordered different kinds, shapes and sizes for a variety.
 Did y'all know pine cones is not one word? I have seen many spelling it pinecones, but if you look it up it's not one word. Just a little FYI.
I hope y'all find some inspiration for your own holiday decor.

Christmas 2014 I tucked some pine cones in an ironstone dish in the dining room hutch. A few sprigs of greenery were tucked in some other pieces. So easy.

Fill a tray with greenery, pine cones, a hurricane with a candle in faux snow, and maybe a critter like I did in the great room in 2014. Let me tell y'all those great big pine cones with those very sharp points hurt.

Two years ago I filled a very large dough bowl with pine cones, antlers, candles and some red berries.

A red dish with some greenery and flocked pine cones added the perfect touch in the foyer and you can see more in my Christmas Tour 2012. Excuse the photography and my home has certainly changed in five years.

I added a few pine cones under this small tree in the foyer in 2014.

When I decorated the deck for Christmas I added some pine cones to a vintage pail.
See more in my 2015 tour.

So go out and gather those pine cones or order some and add them around your
home this year.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Those big ones are impressive!
    I soak them first to make sure no critters are lurking inside.
    Pine cone in French is pomme de pin--pine apple. But pineapple is ananas, both singular and plural. Makes a person's head spin.

  2. I love all of the ways that you have used pine cones (I actually had to look up that spelling just last week...thanks for letting us know it is two words) over the years. Your designs are always classic and tasteful!

  3. I love pine cones in my winter/holiday decorating, too, Kim. I especially like then with white lights woven through them.
    LOVE that blue and white platter/plate in the first photo.
    Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  4. Pine cones are always a great element to use for the Holidays....Love walking the neighborhood and picking them up!...Great and beautiful ways to display them!!! Happy Friday!

  5. Kim,
    Jordan and I have been in Sandestin this week, and we have gathered tons and tons of beautiful big pine cones. We dried them in our condo's oven to kill anything that might be lurking in there, and now we are all set. Your ideas are great!

  6. I love the pine cones. They can even take you into your winter decorating after the holidays.

  7. I love decorating with pine cones too. Your displays are great!

  8. Kim, pine cones are great for texture, wonderful vignettes!

  9. This looks so fresh and light and pretty. I love to decorate with pine cones too especially the ones with the scents. Makes the house smell like Christmas. Happy Friday Kim.

  10. Every Nov. 1st, I walk around my house and replace all the seashells with pine cones. Such an easy thing to do for seasonal decorating. Great inspiration.

  11. I miss the pine cones I had all over my yard in Texas. Have to buy them now!

  12. I especially love that red, footed bowl! I love using pinecones to decorate too. Have a beautiful weekend. I am almost finished decorating!!!! Got a very early start this year!

  13. I too love using pine cones this time of year. Actually from fall until late winter. And yes, here they are ripe for the taking. I usually put them in the oven for a bit to dry them and kill any bugs that may be lingering. I was fortunate to receive some lovely sugar pine cones from a friend's mom who had a tree taken down in Savannah. I love rolling them in white acrylic paint for a snow covered look too.

  14. I love pine cones and thank you for sharing your displays

  15. Thanks for sharing. I love using pine cones, too. I've been having a hard time finding medium sized pine cones in my area. I can find scented ones and the big ones in Hobby Lobby but I can't find regular sized, unscented ones.