Boho Chic Vintage Christmas Home Tour


Yesterday my sister and I went on a tour of five homes decked for Christmas. The first house was so quirky and unique that the other four couldn't quite match up to this one. This home is neither one of our styles, but we still enjoyed it. Some of the homes were old, but this one was a around the age of my home and it's in a subdivision. I took these shots with my phone and have put them in order of the way we toured the home.

I'm calling this style boho chic vintage as you will see in the following photos.

Don't let the traditional style of the exterior fool you. 

The owner of the home has a few nice older cars and this one was displayed on the driveway styled with vintage luggage and skis.

Cute and colorful deer greeted us on each side of the sidewalk to the front door.

This is the front porch filled with vintage items.

The other side of the front porch.

Now we are inside and this is the dining room. This was the display on the dining table.

Collected silver platters adorn the wall over a fireplace mantel. Notice the striped ceiling.

I got a shot of this quirky tree, but notice the walls which are covered in old papers.

Let's step into the family room on the back of the house with this fabulous view of their backyard with a pond with a waterfall and a nice fireplace plus more.

I took this shot through the window.

This is the mantel decor in the family room. You can see why I'm calling this home Boho chic vintage and it is like this in every room of the house. Many collectibles from their travels have been infused into this home.

I think this was a closet before it was transformed into a bar. There are glasses on the right side and drinks on the left. Wish I had had a larger purse on me because that breadboard needed to come home with me. 

A tour host told us that the homeowner painted this chest with a stencil to give it an inlaid wood look and it is beautiful. This is right beside the kitchen.

Some open shelving decked for Christmas in the kitchen.

Vintage windows were added to the kitchen window in front of the sink.

Centerpiece on the kitchen table.

One of the bedrooms.

Twin beds in another bedroom.

Another guest bedroom.

We went through a secret door to get to this craft room which was added for her. This would have been wasted space in the house, but every single inch of this house was used.

Master bedroom.

Then we went outside to the backyard. Loved this cozy spot by the fireplace. It was 70 degrees so no fire needed.

Cute area on the porch to a separate garage.

Inside the garage. I would love clean shiny floors like that in our garages.

Mr. Savvy said this is a nice garage and his looks nothing like this because he calls his a working garage. I just call it junky. 😁

I hope y'all enjoyed this unique home and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Come back tomorrow for more Christmas in my house with a room I had the most fun decorating.

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  1. What a fun tour! I loved seeing this house and all its quirks. Quite a creative decorator for sure. Have a great Sunday, Kim.

  2. What a fun house! Loved the outdoor fireplace.

  3. What a great house and interesting take on Christmas! Good for the home owner doing her own thing. I love local home tours.

  4. OH my gosh Kim what a fun tour. Thanks for taking us with you and Kelly. This house is so full of boho fun. Not my style either but what a great tour. She does have some things in this house I would love too. I could see you wanting that breadboard! I loved her collection of silver platters and loved some of her wall treatments. Glad this home owner embraces her inner gypsy girl in a traditional style home. What a fun day for you guys.

  5. Such a fun tour daughters would love this as boho is their style!!

  6. Not my cup of tea either but so very creative! This home truly tells their story - super colorful and fun!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  7. I can understand why the other homes weren't memorable. We do a home tour in our town every year and when decorating, we try to have some things that are unique to the style of the home or a 'different' Christmas tree. One year, we did a wedding dress tree and it was the hit of the town! Love this home. Couldn't live there year round, but the accents are amazing!!

    1. I am always on the lookout for different Christmas trees as we place one in the Co. Court House each year. That being said...what is a wedding dress tree? Thanks!

  8. I love the first two bedrooms! It's all rather quirky, but very cute for the holiday season. Looks like a fun tour.

  9. I just realized that the "quirky" tree is made from stacked lampshade forms Clever!

  10. Very cool home!! I would have enjoyed and my husband would have especially enjoyed the garage as he is a car guy. Thank you for sharing your visit!!

  11. Not my style but what fun it was to take the tour It appears to reflect the owner's spirit

  12. These homeowners must be fun people. I enjoyed seeing this quirky and unique home, definitely not cookie cutter decorating! Thanks for sharing, Kim

  13. Wow...such a fun and unique home! Unlike any other Christmas decorating out there in blog land. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  14. Oh my......unique is right, so much creativity in that couples home

  15. Love, Loved, Loved this house! Thank y ou so much for taking us on the tour with you!!!

  16. I love every inch of this house! The boho style is beautiful and festive! This lady is a great decorator.

  17. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing our home. I’m not sure if we had a chance to chat or not but this has been a 25 year labor of love. Transforming a common “builder house” into our “home” has been my true joy. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. No, I didn't get to meet you. I did talk to your husband for a moment. Lovely home and so very creative. My husband would love the garage and cars as he has older cars, too that he has restored. His garage is not nice and clean like yours though.:)

  18. Kim,
    Your home shows like a true labor of love and what is so refreshing is that it doesn't look like every other persons home. I can go out to 50 décor blogs right now and each house while beautiful looks like the next one. So kudos to you on your design and creatively skills.

    1. Not sure if you are thinking this home is mine as it isn't. This is a tour I went on. Thanks :)

  19. Wow!! LOVE this quirky house! Thanks so much for the tour Kim!!

  20. I really enjoyed touring this house with you... But touring is as far as I'd go with this house... I think it's little too busy for me to live in.