Snowy Georgia and Home Style Saturdays


Good Saturday morning from snowy Georgia. Y'all I. LOVE. SNOW! Like Oprah Winfrey loves bread....I....Love....Snow.
I know those who deal with it all the time most likely don't love it, but this southern girl who rarely gets to see it loves it!
It is still snowing, but should stop later this morning. 

Once it began it started sticking rather quickly. I took these yesterday and we have had more snow. Our Leland cypress trees in the backyard are heavy with snow.

This was the view from my front door yesterday. These rose bushes are covered in a mountain of snow now. Last weekend it was 70 degrees and this weekend it's in the thirties and snowing.

I think I need a bubble bath and a glass of wine. 😀

See much more of the snow on Instagram!

Have a fabulous weekend and check out the links below for lots of Christmas inspiration.

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  1. Just Beautiful KIM! I'm in South Carolina andvi think it missed us! Have a fun day!

  2. The snow is beautiful, especially if you don't have to travel. We are expecting snow here in the next hours. There is something very peaceful about watching the snow blanket the ground. Enjoy!

  3. sure did get a lot of snow....ours is gone already, but they say we may get another round...have a very Merry Weekend!

  4. Pretty and peaceful if you can stay in. I hate it for those out in it. I hear roads are bad your way. I heard there was one death so far - hey Atlanta's snow made the national news this morning. It's SO COLD!!! We went out last night and I thought I would freeze! LOL

    1. Our roads are just wet. Already at 44 degrees and the snow is melting. Yes, I heard about the guy who was electrocuted by a downed wire. Tomorrow morning will be worse for the roads that don't clear today. Going down to 25.

  5. As a native Georgia gal, I LOVE it too. And fortunately it doesn't last too long. Stay safe and warm

  6. I'm on the opposite side of I-85 from where I believe you are located, we only got a sprinkling of snow and all traces are gone now. Which is fine with me. It is pretty to see but a mess to deal with.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. I love snow too Kim! We get it here about 3 times a year. Next time I will be a little more prepared, because we are snowed in and running out of wine ;-)

  8. Like you, we all LOVE snow when we are lucky enough to get some. It must have stopped up your way (green with envy here) as it is only wet in South Georgia! Lucky you!!!

  9. Well of course you know I am extremely jealous! It looks so incredible pretty, enjoy it and your wonderful bath looking out of the window on the perfect winter scene along with a good glass of wine, sounds like a perfect evening to me!

  10. Just beautiful and yes we had snow in Georgia our first early snow

  11. The first snow of the season fell on us yesterday, too. I live in the northeast, so my reaction is a mix of "oh how pretty!" and "oh no, not yet!" ~ I like snow until January 1st, after that, I want summer to return so I can get back to the beach.😉 Enjoy your holiday snow, Kim!

  12. We got a miracle snow where I live. (Completely unexpected and no mention of it coming on the news at all). The last time I saw snow was over a decade ago!