Snowy Sundays in my French Country Dining Room


Last week I shared my Christmas eve table setting where there were peeks of a tree and now I'm revealing that beautiful flocked tree that I am so in love with. It's the six and a half foot tall Artic White Spruce from Tree Classics who I have partnered with for their Snowy Sundays campaign along with some friends whose links will be at the end of the post. This tree is just the right size to fit in the corner of my dining room without getting in the way for my guests to get up from the table to get seconds. This is the first time I have had a tree in this room and there's just something special about a tree covered in snow.

I live in Georgia where we don't get much snow, but I have also experienced a few good snow days when I used to visit my grandparents in Greensboro, North Carolina, where I am from, at Christmas. I will never forget waking up to a white Christmas one year. I could not wait to get in my snowsuit and go out and play in it after opening gifts first, of course.

Still to this day I get very excited when it snows. It's probably kind of silly how giddy I get, but I love watching it come down especially when the flakes are really big.

After I had already written this post this happened on Friday and I may have gone a little nuts over it on Instagram. I just can't help myself. This was not expected when the weather folks mentioned a possibility of snow and maybe a trace to one inch of the stuff. We exceeded that!
My roses were still blooming since it was 70 degrees just a few days ago.

Many years ago when my kids were little we had an actual blizzard here with snow and sleet blowing sideways that we really couldn't go out in because it stung your face so badly, but when it quit we were able to go out again and it was the most snow I have ever seen here. It took over a week to melt and go away. We haven't seen that much since.

I have hung a variety of ornaments on the tree. There is a mix of ornaments from Tree Classics that I got last year and a set of the Glass Champagne Assorted ornaments this year along with some vintage Shiny Brites and other blue ornaments. I almost always buy one or more new ornaments each year to add to my collection. When I got this white tree I knew I wanted to use gold, silver and blue ornaments. I ended up not using the Silent Night Angel Tree Topper on this tree as it was too beige, but it is on my larger tree in the great room which is also from Tree Classics last year.

I picked up this pretty sparkly St. Nicholas from a Christmas shop in Dillsboro, NC a few weeks ago when we went leaf peeping.

I love walking in here at night to just stare at the tree when it's all lit up.

And it is so easy to turn on and off by just stepping on this button. There's no unplugging and plugging in at the outlet. Excuse the flocking bits on the floor.

I used a blue and white curtain panel as a tree skirt. I think the design looks somewhat like snowflakes.

On the opposite side of the room I added my Christmas carolers to the top of the buffet.

Soft peppermint sticks are ready to grab.

Do y'all tweak things after the decorating is done? I added a different tree topper and a tiny red cardinal just for fun. The white elf that was on top didn't even show up. My hubby stuck it up there and I just left it.

This tree is even beautiful without the lights on.

Thanks to Tree Classics for inviting me to participate in the Snowy Sundays campaign.

Source list:
Arctic White Pine
Glass Champagne Assorted Ornaments Set
Silent Night Tree Topper (not used here, but on my other Tree Classics tree)

Tree Classics provided me with this beautiful flocked tree and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Kim your pretty french country dining room deserved a tree of its own, and the snowy tree looks wonderful dressed in the gold and blue! Yes I can't help but tweak my tree after I have finished must be the child decorator inside of us!

  2. Wow Kim -- your dining room is all set for Christmas! I love that you got some snow the other day, although your roses probably aren't as happy. (However, that image of the roses is stunning!) The blue accents on your tree are right up my color palette alley, and the entire room looks so warm and inviting! Merry Christmas early!

  3. So beautiful and so happy that it snowed in the south! You weren't the only one posting all over Instagram. It was so heartwarming to see everyone so giddy about it! It snowed up here yesterday too but that's pretty normal for NJ.

  4. Love your tree, it looks like you just brought it in from the snow you just had.

  5. Looks so great in your room. Can you share your source for the awesome rug please?

    1. I got mine at the Pottery Barn outlet, but they sell them online, too.

  6. Oh I was anxious to see the Dining Room in its entirety all dressed for Christmas and it was worth the wait! Gorgeous tree Kim!! I love how you used the drapery panel for the skirt....Beautiful details everywhere...and I had to chuckle about Mr. Savvy and his elf!! Yes, iI still tweak every day! Have a very Merry Day Kim!! Enjoy the snow!

  7. Kim, I always love your dining room, but with the lovely tree, you really hit it out of the park! It’s gorgeous with the blue and gold ornaments and I love the vintage bits, too!! I like the size you chose for this room. I think I’d like one that size next year... :-)

  8. I am always tweaking things! Love the dining room and the tree and so happy for you that it snowed, I know just how you feel, I am exactly the same, we only get snow here about once every ten years, so fingers crossed it may happen soon, the last time was in 2010! Our eldest daughter phoned us very excitedly from north London this morning, they have lots and lots of snow, everything is at a standstill!

  9. What a beautiful tree! You and the other bloggers were very fortunate to receive them!

  10. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful home, but especially at Christmas.

  11. Love this tree! I have always wanted a white tree!!!I bought a Tree Classixs after Christmas last year and I'm very pleased!! This tree would be adorable in your new master bath!!! LOL!!!

  12. I hope you are enjoying the snow! We got it yesterday, it snowed all day and til almost 10PM. But they had brined the roads so it was OK to go to our Christmas party! I LOOOOVE your blue ornaments, they are SO pretty! The tree looks beautiful there. I put a teeny tree in my dining room this year too. Wish I could get a free one:):) Merry, merry!!!

  13. Your tree is beautiful and thank you for sharing with us

  14. What a small world! We live in Greensboro now (Jamestown) and I grew up in Georgia!! Always love your blog posts!!

  15. Stunning!! I have to ask, did you paint your buffet? If so what color did you use?

    1. Yes, I did years ago. It is several layers as I painted it more than once. The main blue color you see is I believe is Aubusson Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Thanks

  16. Your dining room is magical! I LOVE the everything in it and the tree took my breath away. TFS.