The "Movie" House


Today I'm sharing another house from the local Christmas homes tour I did last Saturday. This one was called the "movie" house as this house has been used for a couple of movies. One was Mother's Day with Julia Roberts and the other one was A Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford. Have you seen those? I have. Fun to find out they were filmed locally. Now, I want to watch them again to see the homes.

The tour guide on the shuttle said this house was built in 1903, I think, in another local town about thirty minutes from this one and moved to this location in the 70's.

Beautiful Christmas music was being played when we walked into the foyer.

This house was definitely more my style than the Boho uniquely styled home I shared on Sunday.

There were a lot of fireplaces. Would love one in the dining room.

As you can see the kitchen is not the original one.

Love the built in fridge.

A pool was just added this summer.

Love the blue and white runner.

A cozy room upstairs.

A bedroom with a cozy fireplace.

The master bedroom.

We were told this is the room that Robert Redford slept in.

I hope you enjoyed this home tour.

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  1. What a beautiful home! I'm amazed at similar to our kitchen this one is.

  2. What a beautiful home; I loved seeing all the Christmas decorations.

  3. I love this house tour! The house is lovely. Hugs,

  4. Love old homes decorated for Christmas and this is beautiful

  5. I love older homes, and this one is lovely. I do remember both movies.

  6. That is such a beautiful home and I love the Mother's Day movie!


  7. I played CHristmas music on my computer to tour this house with you to be sure to be in the mood.