A French Country Winter Mantel


In case y'all haven't noticed I have a thing for mirrors. I have wanted a vintage Louis Phillippe mirror for quite some time, but since they don't come with a price I'm comfortable with a reproduction is fine with me. I don't mind getting the look I want for much less with a reproduction. When I spotted this mirror from Wisteria, when it was on sale before Christmas, I made it my Christmas present from Mr. Savvy. 😉 I knew it would be perfect on the mantel.

A French Country Winter Mantel

I changed out the sconces on each side of the mirror with these vintage Ethan Allen sconces that have moved from room to room. 

At first all I had was the mirror and sconces, but it just didn't feel right so I started looking around for some other things I could add to warm the look up a bit.

So I grabbed some of my old books that I love to decorate with and then a couple of vintage silver pieces. These old books are great for adding texture and color.

This is one of my favorite silver finds as it has my initial engraved on it.

Did y'all know mixing metals is on trend? I've been doing it for quite some time.

French country winter mantel
After taking all the above photos I then decided to try this vintage oil painting leaning against the mirror and I like the look.

Of course, now everything has been cleared and ready for the painters who are coming today!

See how I decorated the coffee table for winter here.

Wishing y'all a fabulous week!

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  1. That is a great looking mirror, Kim, and I really like the end result with the picture propped against it.

    I had that same set of Ethan Allen sconces but donated them years ago. It is fun to see them used here. It's funny how things can be reused years later and create a totally different look/feel than they did originally.

    Have a great week- xo Diana

  2. That's a pretty mirror!
    And old, leather-bound books are gorgeous--the texture, the smell, the promise of stories.

  3. IT looks great. I love the painting propped against it.

  4. Pretty mirror! I hope the painting is going well!

  5. I love the mirror and love how you have styled the mantle! I really like the print in front of the mirror too. Can you tell me where you got your double scale? I have always loved it and keep looking for one to no avail:( Anxious to see the new paint.

  6. What a great mirror! I have always mixed metals. It creates a collected over time look. Love those wheat sconces. Best of luck with the painters.

  7. Your mantel is lovely. I particularly love the gilded wheat sheaves sconces. They add such an elegant touch!

  8. I thought the painting was already done and couldn't believe you had all this beautiful set up in place! :D Love the mirror and those old books. Beautiful mantel kim!

  9. I have a thing for mirrors too....I see them everywhere and they are hard to resist. Love yours...it looks great there!

  10. Love your Christmas present! The mantel looks fabulous and yes, I do love the addition of that sweet painting!!! Happy Monday!

  11. That mirror is quite handsome Kim, and really looks good in the vignette you created! Early on in my marriage I picked that same style mirror up in a "junque" shop for a song and I want to kick myself now for parting with it.

  12. The mirror sure makes a statement. I LOVE the mantel and the colored insert. Is it stone? I have not been able to find a gold mirror. Any suggestions?

    1. Yes, the stone is marble and the mirror is from wisteria.com. if you want one like it. Thanks

  13. I love the mirror! I have eyed that same one. I also adore those wheat sconces, what a fabulous find from Ethan Allen.

  14. Love the wheat scones and the simplicity of the mantel. I have been mixing metals forever. Glad I'm finally on trend! Ha!

  15. Beautiful all ... love everything about this space