Ceiling Medallion Makeover


I shared the new simpler French style chandelier in the dining room a couple of weeks ago and I knew it wasn't quite complete. The ceiling medallion was too blue gray which went fine with the first chandelier, but not so much with the new one. 
I wasn't looking forward to refinishing this one as I had to do it on the ladder and with my head bent back, oh, my aching neck, but it really didn't take me very long to complete it and so worth the work.

ceiling medallion

French country dining room
You can see how blue the medallion looks in this before photo.

french country chandelier and hutch filled with ironstone
After some new layers of paint the blue gray is gone.

close up of chandelier
I looked at the finish on the other parts of the chandelier and did my best to recreate it on the medallion. I used an off white, gray brown and then added some gold Rub N Buff here and there.

french country dining room

french country style dining room

Much better don't you think?

You can see how I made over the medallion the first time in 2011 in this post.
Wow, time flies!

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  1. Yep- It looks much better---matches the chandy now. Have a great Thursday- xo Diana

  2. I admire your bravery in using and mixing paint(colors) and your projects always look great!

  3. Looks great! Love the stained chairs in there! So pretty and rich looking!

  4. I didn't realize your ceiling was yellow. It looks fantastic, and the medallion color is just right.

  5. Looks great! Is this one of the ceilings getting painted?

    1. No, it isn't unless I decide to do it later. Most people love this ceiling.

  6. It looks fantastic!
    Where did you get the medallion? It is beautiful....makes me want one.....

  7. Kim, the refreshing of the medallion looks perfect with the chandelier. I know how bad that hurts your neck, have done it so many times!

  8. Kim, I hope you neck is feeling better! The medallion is blending perfectly with your new chandelier. You are a genius with the paintbrush!

  9. great job, Kim, it's beautiful (medallion AND chandy). I love a project like that, replicating paint finishes. except for the bend the neck backward part.

  10. It does make a difference I love it

  11. Looks great, goes well with chandy! I wished I had the confidence to paint!

  12. You've made a fabulous job with the colour. It is one thing I miss in our old farmhouse here, we don't have any ceiling roses, the ceilings are all criss crossed with old beams and we couldn't even add one if we wanted to!

  13. Looks wonderful, Kim. Great job and I hope your neck feels better:) Joe had his surgery on Tues. and I brought him HOME today!!! Amazing!! Have a great weekend.