How I Styled My Winter Coffee Table


During the cold months I seem to crave more in my home. More accessories, more pillows, more throws.... just more. Then as spring nears I want less and a fresher airier look so I'll begin putting some things away. Today I thought I would share how I styled my winter coffee table in the great room.

I love placing stacks of books on the table and I like to add something on top like this majolica plate.
The plate adds interest and a pop of color.

Some of my favorite books where I get decorating ideas from.

I placed two wooden boxes from my collection together.

This round bowl breaks up all the straight lines that are going on and the beads add more interest and texture.

I also have a few magnifying glasses and normally place those on each stack of books, but this time I only have one displayed.

I placed an old pair of binoculars on this stack of books just for fun.

These are very old and in rough shape with the leather splitting, but I think that just makes them more interesting.

The last item is this tall brass candle holder which adds height to the table. 

And it looks even better lit on a gloomy day.

When styling a coffee table, side table, or other flat surfaces it is best to decorate in odd numbers. As you can see I have seven things. Even though the books have something on top they still count as one. I could take two things away and have five, etc. If I place magazines or items in a basket like I did on the sunroom coffee table that would also count as one item. I'm not a professional, but just sharing some tips.

Are y'all ready for the weekend?
I'm so excited that I have someone coming to give me a price on some painting I want done and not me doing it! I'm a bit afraid to hear what it's going to cost though. If it's too much I'll have to wait a bit and save my pennies.

Have a great one!

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  1. It's beautiful, well-collected without being cluttered.
    You're right--more seems right when it's winter, whereas pared-down feels better for summer.

  2. Looks great Kim. We just bought a round coffee table and I am having fun figure out table top vignettes for it. Love that brass and glass candle holder.

  3. A most beautifully styled table! Love that you incorporated all of the "do's" of texture, shape, height, "numbers" and color and more.....Hope the estimate is reasonable so that you have the luxury of someone doing the painting for you!!!

  4. You've given me so much inspiration from this post - thanks!

  5. Kim, the coffee table has all of the elements to make it warm and inviting. Books always add the majolica plate!

  6. Hope you get a good price on your painting. Almost 2 years ago we did some updating in a house I inherited before putting it up as a rental. We always do our own painting in our house, but didn't want to do that house. Plus, there was some paneling and trim I wanted painted, etc. It was pricey, but I found a good painter and it was worth it.

    I have several of the old leather binoculars too. We don't use a coffee table in our great room, but do in the sunroom/den but there's only a large maidenhair fern in a pottery bowl on that table.

  7. I love the interest of the binoculars. It makes you wonder what they have seen. Beautifully styled. Thanks for the tips. Inspirational. Have a creative weekend!

  8. Beautiful as always Kim. Happy Friday.

  9. Beautiful, Kim. I may be MIA for awhile, as my hubby is having open heart surgery on Tuesday. I will visit from my phone but may not be able to comment. Have a great weekend.

  10. kim beautiful and thank you for sharing your tips with us

  11. I have always rather loved tablescapes and especially wooden boxes on tables, you've done this brilliantly. Winter is a time to be cosy and in the wet and windy weather we are having, cosy is of vital importance!

  12. You have such an eye for vignettes! The magnifying glass and the binoculars are my favourite items, but of course they are part of the whole decor.

  13. Beautiful! Love seeing your home. Perfect timing for this post. I put the Christmas decor away on the 13th and everything is still a blank canvas. I have been trying for years to style my coffee table, very similar to your table I have four drawers vs two, and have never been able to make it feel right. Now after reading your post and having been inspired, I am ready to get my normal decor back out and start "playing' to see what I can come up with.
    Thanks so much Kim.

  14. Can you tell me where you got this gorgeous coffee table? It is exactly what I need!