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 After having a few days of temps in the sixties this week it is going to be a very cold and windy weekend so I am going to cuddle up with a throw and a design book and maybe start watching something new on Netflix. I think I will whip up some hot chocolate, too.

 I shared My Tips For Warming up Your Home During Winter  this week on the blog and I dug out a post from last winter for my link below about creating a cozy corner. 

Stay warm and enjoy this weeks links below all about kitchen and laundry room supplies, winter essentials and more.

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  1. I love coming here to see what you are up to---we are at below zero F temps this morning- UGH--- I wish I could curl up with some books, hot coffee and a throw but I have a volleyball game that I have to watch...and a house to close up for someone. Gonna be a long COLD day. Enjoy your day and snuggle down. xo Diana

  2. bring on the cold, i have indoor projects that need to get done.... but mother nature needs to be consistent! happy weekend!

  3. Love the new throw! I just bought two new design and entertaining books and look forward to snuggling under a throw myself!

  4. Where did you get the throw?
    Please share the design books you are reading.

    1. Throw is from Pottery Barn last year. Not sure they still carry that one. I'm reading A Place to Call Home by James T. Farmer at the moment.

  5. Have a great weekend relaxing with that great book! . . . as for me, it will be a marathon weekend of de-Christmasfying the house!