MyTips for Warming Up Your Home During Winter


It's winter time and it's gray looking outside with all the leaves gone and the cold dreary days and we are spending a lot more time indoors. So let's make the inside of our homes cozy, warm and welcoming. I walked around the house and took a few shots to share my tips for warming up your home during winter. These are not styled just for photos, but the way things actually look around here now after putting the holiday decor away. Most of these are close ups and I will share full room views along the way.

Drape a cozy throw anywhere.

Drape them over a chair, sofa or bed so they are ready to grab when you need a little extra warmth.

Add flowers. They aren't just for spring and summer.

They help bring some life inside even if they are faux. Of course you can use real flowers, too. I just don't have any at the moment.

Add more color with pillows, quilts and decor accessories.

Add texture. The vintage leather books add texture and they say come in, sit down, and grab a book.
Actually all the photos show different ways to add texture.

The basket of seed pods, plant and wicker bottle all add texture.

Light candles. This candle has been burning quite a lot this winter as we have had many cloudy and cold days.

I also turn on lamps when it's dreary and gray outside. Lamplight really warms up a room.

Add warmer colored pillows. I use darker heavier fabrics during winter and when spring hits I'll get the urge to lighten and brighten.

I swapped out the blue ticking pillows for these velvet cheetah pillows in the dining room.

I added these faux fur trimmed velvet pillows in the master. Regularly $49 each and got them for $19.99 each final sale at Pottery Barn. My kind of sale.

Add live plants. They clean the air and we spend a lot more time indoors this time of year.
I have another ivy plant in the foyer that I shared here and a rubber plant in the sitting room that so far is thriving. I don't exactly have a green thumb.

I hope these tips from my home give you some ideas for your home.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I am longing for warm days, but we have had a good bit of sunshine too.
    Nice shots. I think most prefer to see the real thing rather than staged photos.

    PS you should try a maidenhair fern!

  2. So gorgeous your home is ... Love all your tips about the warming up for these winter dreary days

  3. These are all so pretty. Can I come over?
    We had a big thunderstorm last Sunday, with lots of lightning. So we unplugged all the electronics and sat all together in the living room with candles, each of us curled up under a throw blanket, reading. It was really nice and cozy.
    Your ivy has me thinking about taking a cutting from outside to pot and put in an antique wicker planter that's been handed down for generations. My grandma always had African violets in it, and they bloomed like crazy. I have orchids, but something that tumbles over the side would be pretty with them.

  4. It looks so cozy! Can I come over?
    That thick-knit throw would be the one I'd choose to cuddle under, while reading one of those old books. I have watched the DIY videos for how to knit one (you use your arms, not needles), but haven't yet attempted.

  5. These are such great ideas. I often look around our house and realize that I lack a variety of textures. We are living eternal spring decor here even though it's FREEZING outside.

  6. Great textures and color to brighten up a winter's day!!! Pretty, pretty, pretty as always!

  7. Love the books in the urn. A nice unexpected way to use it. Love all the cozy!

  8. Great tips Kim! It has been a cloudy and rainy week!, but your home speaks warmth and coziness!

  9. Thanks for these tips! Looking around my room right now thinking how I need to add some texture and real plants!

  10. You always have such great ideas! Could you share your go to place for pillows.

    1. Barb, I get them in many places. I would say the first place I shop is Pottery Barn. They sell just the covers and that's great for changing them out and storing them. Other places I shop are HomeGoods, Etsy shops and flea markets.

  11. Your home is exquisite! Everything about it is delightful and welcoming! Thank you for sharing with us....and those dog bookends...OH WOW!!
    Blessings and happy new year!

  12. I love all of your ideas and inspiration photos, Kim! I especially love candles and lighting...they make everything feel cozy!

  13. Hi Kim, Always admired your beautiful classic welcoming! Would you mind sourcing that wonderful candle sconce? Thanks for all your talents!

  14. Hi Kim,
    I love to have throws around my home especially in the winter months here in Illinois. So cold you just have to have the throws to get cozy and warm. I have a couple of really heavy and nice over sized throws from Pottery Barn that I just love. Snuggling under them during our frigid temps is great. Love seeing all the ways to warm up your home. Happy Friday. Happy Weekend.