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It's Saturday and it's cold....well, it is still winter even though you can tell a lot of people, me included, are ready for spring. I was at Home Depot the other day and they are already setting plants outside of the garden center along with the mowers and grills. It's still winter people, and it isn't spring until March 20th! I don't think it's time to get out and plant new plants yet.  We just seem to want to rush everything. We need to slow down and enjoy each season even if it is cold and maybe snowy where you are. Spring will be here soon enough.

Last week the painters came and they seriously did a so so job. I have been painting walls and trim for years and hubby and I take the time to do a nice smooth job. This guy along with his wife worked very quickly and there were some drips and places that I have had to fix. I am loving the new brighter color though and have been switching a few things up as we moved stuff back.

Here's a peek at the new color and a new light. The brick red light that was here before had to go.

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  1. Sorry about the painters but I am sure you are loving the new color...Have a great weekend!!
    It was 17 here last night....we certainly have had a harsher winter here this year.

  2. I agree, Kim. Everything in its time.

  3. I so agree about everyone rushing the seasons! I am longing for some milder weather , it was brutal here yesterday and we had a Dr. appointment. Then stopped for breakfast. LOVE the new light!!! I know you will love the new color but it's a shame the painters didn't do a good job. Enjoy the weekend. Fly Eagles, FLY!!!!!

  4. The new color looks great! As much as I like to enjoy each season, I am still looking forward to spring. It's freezing here in the northeast this weekend!

  5. We went through many painters before we found one serious about his trade. He is a bit more...but oh so worth it!! Polite, clean, dedicated and seriously neat, and paints beautifully!! So, after having had painters that were actually dripped paint down the hall on the carpet!...don't give up finding great painters....
    We no longer get up on ladders to paint either....just find a great painter.
    Fresh paint jobs are fantastic.....everything just feels better....

  6. We had painter dilemma twice! First one lacked the discipline to be a painter and the second one, father and daughter, tried to make a million. We saved our island to be painted later after these two disasters and wow we now have a painter who is the best and loves the Lord too. What a combination! You could tell he works for Him and he has pride in what he does. And, to top it off he was a baker in Canada before moving to the states and he has shared many of his creations with us. Love your paint color!

  7. Oh that's too bad about the painter's. Hopefully you won't find too many drips. At least you both saved your backs. Love the new color. I agree, Spring will get here soon enough. We need to go with the flow and enjoy each season that we are in.

  8. Kim it looks gorgeous. May I ask what color paint you used? I would love this color in my home.Thank you for sharing.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color, Kim, and it is too bad that you got crummy painters. Some people just don't take the pride in their work than they should and they ought to be smart enough to realize they won't get referrals!

    My son is an excellent painter. He spent summers painting apartments while he was in school so he is fantastic. I expect once we find a place and move I will be calling on him.

    Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  10. Oh I hate you spent your money on professionals and weren't pleased. I feel blessed to live where we have four seasons, but I would love for winter to be a very short one! This year has been colder and I long for my time outside. At least we have had some beautiful sunny days.

  11. We live on the Gulf Coast but chilly here tonight too.

  12. Love this! Love the beautiful new color!

  13. Beautiful and bright! I could not agree more about rush ing everything, it is only Feb 4th, still a long while before the end of winter.