Breakfast in Bed


Easter is this weekend and I thought I would share a post from two years ago that I shared for spring, but it could also be about having Easter breakfast in bed. I don't even have this headboard anymore since it was replaced with the metal bed.


(original post published March 25, 2016)

Let's pretend you are a guest in my French country style guestroom this spring.

It's a beautiful sunny morning and I hope you rested well last night.

I hope you don't mind, but while you were in the shower I made up the bed for you and brought you up a breakfast tray. I thought you might enjoy breakfast in bed.

Let me pour you a cup of coffee.


You're not allergic to eggs are you?
 I'll be glad to grab some yogurt, fruit, or maybe some muffins.

Mr. Bunny didn't scare you did he? He is a bit funky looking, but my dear sweet grandmother made this for my first child when I was pregnant and I like to bring him back out in the spring. This little bunny is 38 years old. Where has the time gone?

While I was cleaning out some clutter in the closet to make room for your things I found my bunny needlepoint pillow. I wondered where it had gone to.

Do you like my new bird pillow? Birds and spring just go together, don't you think?

Did you notice that I switched this table and the French table since the last time you were here? Oh, and yes, I forgot, I painted it, too. It was painted in Chateau Gray which is a green gray and it just wasn't working in here with all the blue.

I've seen you eyeing my chippy sheep. You better not try to sneak that out of here. Do I need to check your purse?

This is my stone mama and baby bunny that I picked up at the antique mall to add a bit more spring in here. You know bunnies are quite busy in the spring and they sure are multiplying in this room.

I bought some fresh flowers and tucked them in this pitcher. I want the room to be cheery and flowers do that.

Well, I'll let you enjoy your breakfast and when you are ready we will be off to do some shopping.

  Wishing y'all a very Happy Easter!!

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  1. So great going down memory lane!...I forgot how much I love that bamboo bed tray and that stone bunny! Happy Easter Kim!!!!

  2. I love your new bird pillow! Will you share with us where you bought it? Thanks, and have a wonderful sunny happy day!

    1. Sharron, this is a repeat post from two years ago so it isn't available. Thanks

  3. That is so pretty! Who doesn't love a bunny? And yes, I just might be the one swiping that sheep too! :-)

  4. I want that old bunny that Grandma made. I wonder if there is a pattern for the precious little animal.

  5. Everything is just beautiful! I love decorating for Easter and Spring (so did my Mom), and I'm sad that Easter is so early this year! I love your bird pillow, it looks fantastic with the striped pillow shams!

  6. I loved revisiting this post! Your bamboo breakfast tray is so pretty and it is perfect for a guest!

  7. I have not had breakfast in bed in years! Love the tray and it is fun to see some of these older posts because we tend to forget what we have seen sometimes. Hope you have a blessed Easter-xo Diana

  8. All of your decorating accents are so pretty and Frenchy!! I love the new bird pillow. You my friend are the queen of finding the best pillows!