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It's Friday and that means it's time for another installment of French Country Fridays where I and a few French country style loving friends share some older posts all about this decorating style, but before we get to all those fabulous links below I thought I would update you about my mom. She was moved from the hospital on Wednesday back to the rehab center she was in last spring for her broken pelvis. She doesn't have anything broken this time, but needs rehab to improve her strength. After being immobile for several weeks her strength is very poor and she even fell again last Monday in the hospital when she should not have gotten up while by herself and the bed alarm was off. She's okay, but very sore. So after she was feeling better now she hurts again. She is also very depressed. I hope she improves in rehab. I want to thank those who are still praying for her improvement.

Be sure to check out my post below about where I buy French antiques and please visit my friends, too.

Happy weekend!

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French country antiques

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  1. I LOVE that Blacksmith wooden sign and I have pinned it several times. I did not realize that it is an Ethan Allen product until recently. I found one on Facebook Marketplace- now just trying to figure out where to put it! I did not realize it was so big. At any rate, love your blog and thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  2. I have had copper at one time but never used it in full decorations... . The tray highlighted the corner of the cabinet so well. The curtain completes the kitchen. It really has a taste of class.

    1. That is Cindy's kitchen you are referring, too. Yes, she has a beautiful copper collection.

  3. Kim, I pray your Mom recovers and regains her strength soon. My thoughts are with you.

  4. Hi Kim. Sending thoughts and prayers for your mom and for you as well. I went through a similar experience with my mom this past year and it is hard on everyone. Hang in there! Jane