French Country Spring Mantel


Spring is just a week away and I have been transitioning from winter decor to spring around the house. Usually one of the first rooms I change is the great room since it is the most used room and the one I stare at the most from the kitchen.

Today I'm sharing the French country spring mantel.

I wasn't loving the sconces I had hanging on each side of the mirror so those came down after trying to get used to them for a couple of weeks. If something doesn't feel right by that time then a change has to be made. So I added my French style candlesticks on one side....

.....and this plant on the other and the sconces have moved to a new spot.

One of the old antique paintings that hung in the guest bedroom, I just shared last week, now leans against the mirror to add the blue and green colors I'm using in here this spring.

I took away the heavy brown chair and added this light blue caned bench.

I'll share the rest of the room soon, but first I am taking a much needed break this week. I have spent endless days with my mom in the hospital for the past week and this was the third time she was admitted in less than a month. She is still in the hospital, but hopefully will go home soon.
 We are also travelling this week for a business conference with my husband's job so I have decided not to carry my laptop with me and enjoy the time off. I will have my phone, of course, so you can follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up to.

Have a great week!

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  1. Kim, the mantel looks so pretty and I love the bench in that spot. Prayers for your mom. Hospitals are exhausting, enjoy your break!

  2. Wishing you strength in supporting your mom, and wishing your mom a return to her strength.

  3. I keep seeing those blue pillows! Almost bought them myself; they were a great price.

    It is great to unplug. Enjoy your time away and glad to hear your mom is doing better.

  4. Your spring mantel looks great Kim. Have a nice time off!

  5. I love your candlesticks!! They’re stunning!

  6. Enjoy your well deserved break. I hope your mom begins to feel better and can go home soon.
    Going to hospitals and being an advocate for your mom is exhausting so I am glad you will get a little break. Your mantel is beautiful as always.

  7. Enjoy your time off and get some much needed rest. I hope your mom is feeling better each day. You need to take this time for yourself.

  8. Oh Kim, I know how hard it is spending days and nights at a hospital with your Mom. My Mom was admitted to the hospital over 30 times in the last 2 years of her life. Some people actually thought I worked there:):) It was exhausting as I was working and had one son in college and my daughter at home in HS. Thank God I was in my 40's and could handle it;):) You are in my thoughts as well as your Mom. Enjoy your break, you need it!!!!

  9. Big hugs to your Mum and to you too. You deserve some time off, look after yourself as well as her. xxx

  10. Hi Kim,your mantel looks fresh! Enjoy your time away to recharge and rest!
    I hope your mom is feeling stronger every day!
    Does sweet Miss Bailey get to travel also?!!

  11. The mantel is so pretty and fresh for spring! I hope your mom is feeling better!

  12. The mantel is very chic. I like that there's no symetry and that you chose to put the two candlestick on the same side. I'm sending you energy and compassion as you are taking care of your mom.

  13. The changes look great - especially love the blue bench. Wishing your mom good health, and hope you have a nice break!

  14. Hi Kim, Love the changes you're giving to the mantel, especially the painting and the bench. I hope your mom is back home and getting stronger. And yes, you need to recharge yourself!

  15. Love your spring mantle, it's so pretty! I hope your mom is improving. Enjoy your trip and your week away from the blog.