Second Guessing a Design Choice


Do you ever second guess your design choices? I know I sure do. Recently I decided to replace the cheap Ikea drapes in the master bedroom. I bought them several years ago and they were just plain white and weren't doing it for me anymore. The drapes weren't what I was second guessing, but the way I had them hung. You can see them in this older post.

Then while perusing pinterest I came across rooms that solidified my choice of hanging only one panel on each window such as in this cute room by Michelle Adams.

This bedroom has one panel on each window. I love the bed.

Pretty room found here.

Chic mountain home tour by

So after seeing these beautiful rooms with just one drapery panel on each window I'm not second guessing my choice anymore. 

I'll share the master soon with some new drapes and rods even though it's really hard to get any decent shots of the windows.

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  1. I have done that many times. Sometimes I do change it. Last time was painting our bedroom. I chose a blue that was too blue, but Hubby liked it and it stayed.

  2. Good choice!!! Looking forward to seeing your new drapes!

  3. I am constantly second guessing my decorating decisions. My problem is that I like too many different things. I like your idea for the drapes. Your home always looks lovely!

  4. Oh I like the one side only window treatments Kim. Thanks for sharing some ideas with us! laura

  5. Yes I second guess! At our last house that we lived in shortly, I hung beautiful panels on the sides of the windows and we used the short rods on each side. A friend came over and joked saying, "What happened Stacey..did you run out of money when you were buying the rods?" I just laughed and knew that he didn't know a thing about it but at this house I chose full length rods. Ha!! You never know where thoughts come from.

  6. I second guess a lot, then a new design book comes out and there are some of the curtains, same lamps etc. I like the look of one curtain panel per window.

  7. I like the one panel but be aware many times they are two panels together (either sewn together or just hung together) on the rod to get the fullness needed. It needs to be full enough that it would cover the whole window, so it doesn't look like "half" a drape hanging there. (or as Stacey mentions above, use a short rod) I like the look. My favorite is when there is windows on either side of a fireplace and the drapes pulled to the outside.

  8. Kim, I am looking forward to seeing your new choice for master bedroom windows!

  9. I only have one panel on the windows in my home. It's a simple and clean look, plus it doesn't collect as many dust mites.

  10. Your home is always my idea of perfection and when my house grows up it wants to be just like yours. I would like to point out that some people will never be able to afford more that cheap IKEA drapes.

    1. Thanks, Suzanne, and yes, so true some people can't. I have never had expensive drapes as custom can cost a fortune. The new ones I have now weren't even expensive and they are ready to hang store bought ones again. I am glad I can show others that there are alternatives to expensive drapes. I have even use drop cloths many times and love the look.