The Spring Front Yard


Did y'all have a good weekend? I finally got to work in the yard on Saturday and it felt so good! My body may not have thought it felt so good, but I sure did.
The yard is far from perfect and it still has a lot of greening up to do and a lot of grass needs to fill in some bare spots which happens every winter. We mainly worked on the front yard beds and the bed by the pond needed to be cleaned up. There were tons of sticks down and the ivy was taking over and needed to be trimmed away from the trees and other landscaping. We love the ivy, but we don't want it to climb the trees and bushes.

Here are some photos I took with my phone.

The edge of the bed had to be dug out and then cut with the edger to make the edge nice and neat. The deeper edge also keeps the mulch from getting scattered out on the yard. The new mulch was put out a few weeks ago.

Several dead spots should fill in soon as the days get hotter.

The monkey grass is shooting up new growth. These will be full size soon.

The knockout roses are just starting to bloom.

This ivy took over this area by the pond after I put a planter pot of ivy out here and it grew out of the pot and covered the ground, but this makes for a nice ground cover. We just have to keep it off the trees and things. And yes, I took this one in the rain as you can see it sprinkling on the pond.

I planted these hostas under the huge tree by our house many years ago and I never do anything to them. They just keep on thriving every year.

This was my view from the lawn mower that I shared on Instagram.
Are you following me there?

 I also shared our geese that are living at our pond and awaiting the birth of their three goslings. You should have seen daddy goose come after me on the lawn mower when he thought I was getting a bit too close to his lady on the nest.
She built her nest right by our pond out in the open. Doesn't seem to smart to me, but that's where she is. You can see her in my insta story highlights.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. Kim, you accomplished a lot over the weekend. Your front yard looks manicured and so pretty! Geese have taken over our city because we live around so much water. Often, we have to stop while they cross a street. Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Looking good Kim!....I so wish I could have Hostas....the deer won't allow me to have them...they think they are pretty enough to eat! Happy Monday!

  3. I don't think my comment went through so I'll try again. Please delete if it did. Do you have dogwoods in your area? We have so much blooming right now. This is a good year for the dogwoods - they are gorgeous and so are the azaleas. We have both blooming in our yard right now. Plus my candy-tuft and phlox, but they are past their peak. My iris is bursting with buds and the lilac bush also should be blooming soon. I don't do knock-out roses, I prefer the drift and they are full of buds but a ways from blooming I think. My crab apple and tulip tree have already bloomed but I will be watching for the magnolia! I love spring and all the beautiful blossoms. Bought ferns this weekend - another southern staple LOL!!

    1. We don't have any dogwoods in our yard. They are past the blooming stage here.

    2. Oh that's too bad! We have pink and white. Not every year is great for them, but this year is! We have a Dogwood Festival and dogwood trails (driving tour). So pretty.

  4. Beautiful view of your home! I am jealous you have a pond! And geese! I have a fake goose the girls got me years ago....enjoy....
    What is monkey grass?

    1. Monkey grass is the nick name for lirope. It's the little clumps you see in the photo. They can get quite large.

  5. Looks fantastic Kim. We finally got out in the yard as well. Hopefully the pollen is gone for good!

  6. How beautiful, Kim! Everything is so green and manicured! It is in the 60s here and our snow has melted...I can't wait to see some green like yours!

  7. Hi Kim, The house and yard are so pretty. I have white knockout roses and love them. Enjoyed your sharing.

  8. Beautiful view Kim! Love your hosta. Mine are coming up nicely this year too. We live next to a wooded lot that has tons of ivy. We've been cutting the vines off all of the trees to keep them healthy. It's a big job.