Gray and Pink French Style Bedroom


So the crazy changing up the bedroom lady has shared one guest room decorated in PINK AND GRAY and one in NAVY AND PINK. Then she got a wild hair to swap the bedding from one room to the other and shared the NAVY AND WHITE look last week. Now it's time to tour the gray and pink look in the French style bedroom.
 Did you keep up with all that?
 If you did you're good!

I changed the pillows a bit from the way I had them in the other guestroom.

I changed up the throw pillows and I added the "home is where the heart is pillow" from my stash.

I brought this vintage wicker trunk back  in to sit at the end of the bed and I love that this old address is still attached to it even though much of it is missing.

I really like these bedrooms with the bedding switched.
 Of course eventually it will all change again. 😉

And just for fun I also pulled back the duvet to show the other pattern and flipped the matching shams around, too in the other guest bedroom.
 Now there is a bit more color and pattern in here.

Here's to a new week!


  1. I love piqué covers like the ones you have, especially the paisley design on the pink one.

  2. Gorgeous!....and I so love the Gray bedding...oh that ruffle on the duvet and euro shams! LOVE!

  3. Gorgeous Kim. Love those sweet blue pillows with the birds. The room is very soft and pretty.

  4. Kim, I do love the gray bedding, the layering is so feminine!a

  5. Pink and grey is such a fabulous combination, my absolute favourite at the moment, we are twins!!

  6. Oh, I'm loving the ruffles, Kim! Gray and pink couldn't look any better As always, beautiful!

  7. I’m liking all the ruffles & color combinations too. I think I remember you telling us where you got the pink coverlet in another post, but could you remind us again? Is it a whole-cloth quilted coverlet? It’s beautiful. Thanks.

    1. I lucked up on it at HomeGoods and it is a mattelaise coverlet.

  8. I always think things can't get any better, and then they do!! These bedrooms should be on a magazine cover.

  9. I think this is one of the most romantic bedrooms you've designed. You're not crazy, you're just a genius!

  10. gorgeous bedroom! love the ruffled linens!

  11. Love the gray and pink bedroom. My home's interior is painted gray and I love being able to use just about any color I like with it. My favorite is to use pink or lavender/purple with the gray paint. I'm a cool color person, so no bright colors. Both of your rooms are lovely.

  12. I love your iron bed. Did you paint it? If so what color and what kind of paint did you use?

  13. Where did you get the bed?