Shopping French Antiques in the South


If you love French antiques then you are in for a treat today.

On the second day of our trip the mister had to attend some meetings so I drove into town and did some antiquing. This shop I'm sharing with you today was like shopping in a shop in France. I could not believe all the goodies in one place and the prices were really good especially compared to some antique malls in the Atlanta area. 

For those of you who collect copper they had lots to choose from.

There was some local items mixed in with the antiques.

Plenty of breadboards in all shapes and sizes and good pricing.

Huge copper pot.

Several beautiful trumeau mirrors.

Plenty of demijohns and painted furniture.

Old silver.

Plenty of confit pots to choose from in all sizes.

Almost bought this one as it was different from the ones I have and it had the stopper.

There were a couple of these old scales.

Great vaisselier with pretty carvings.

Several tian bowls.

I thought about getting this ironstone tureen, too, but sadly left it.

At the end of the day I walked the property where we were staying and caught this pretty sunset.

Did you see anything you would have bought?

This shop is Aubergine Antiques in Fairhope, Alabama. Check it out if you are ever in the area.

I bought a couple of small things and I shared one of them on Instagram the other day.
Be sure to follow me over there where you'll see things before they hit the blog.

Thanks to Marsha of @creekside36 on instagram for telling me some places to check out.

See the other shop I checked out here.


  1. Oh my heart! and my wallet!!! Definitely making a trip to Fairhope!!

  2. Love the breadboards!!! I'm not sure what they are but I love the 3 fish pitchers in the 3rd picture.

  3. What a wonderful place! I would have bought another confit pot and a tian bowl.

  4. What a LOVLEY store. I went through this post 3or 4 times and found something different each time. Thank you for sharing. So looking forward to see what you brought home.

  5. Aubergine is a great place to shop while in Fairhope, AL. I also love Crown and Colony Antiques.
    I have many great things from Aubergine.

    1. Yes, I shopped there, too as it is their sister shop.

  6. What a dangerous but wonderful place , I like everything, loved those tied sacks laying on the floor and all the copper! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  7. Aubergine is one of my favorites in Fairhope. Great shot of the sunset!

  8. What a great shop!!!! I bet your heart was skipping a beat while walking through that shop!

  9. Loved your post, makes me want to make a special trip just to visit Aubergine again. I saw several things in your pics I would like to have. This time of year there are some farmers markets that have Chilton county peaches too and those are the BEST peaches I have ever eaten. Another good reason to make a trip to the area. I am now bugging my husband about going. It's sooooooo hot right now to really walk the streets of Fairhope though and SHOP. Glad you enjoyed Aubergine.

    Carolyn/A Southerner's Notebook

  10. Love the copper and breadboards.....okay, the tian bowls also!!!

  11. Why yes, I’ll take that and that and that! Fun to go virtual shopping with you

  12. I've been collecting more and more copper and would have probably purchased one of the teapots. Great to see all of those goodies Kim!

  13. Thanks, Kim, for making my day. I'm home with a sprained ankle and this was just what the doctor ordered (sort of!). what a gorgeous shop! As Lisa C. says above "a dangerous but wonderful place!" May I ask you a question? I'm starting a blog and wonder how you get permission to take and post these photos. Do you just ask the proprietor for permission to post on your blog, instagram, etc.? Thanks for making our world a little bit more beautiful!

    1. Maggie, sometimes I ask if it's okay to take pictures and sometimes I don't. Some shops will have signs up saying no photos, but most don't mind since it's free advertising. Thank you!