The Summer Deck in Cool Blues


I am really late sharing how I styled the deck this year. I actually got it ready in the spring when the weather was much cooler and the humidity was lower.....but with not being home much and then the rain showers coming in day after day and week after week it has taken me awhile to have a day to get it photographed. Finally when we had a couple of cooler July days I was able to snap some photos to share. This year I wanted the deck colors outside to be an extension of the colors inside so I used blue this time.

The Summer Deck in Cool Blues

This is what I have been looking at for months while the threat of rain continued each week.

The furniture is the same as we have had the past few years and it has held up really well keeping the furniture covered when it rains and then putting all the cushions away during the winter. 
I bought the outdoor pillows in pretty blues and a mix of patterns all on sale from Pottery Barn over the past few months.

I bought an outdoor rug from Frontgate when it was on sale and it has done so well through all the very wet days. Not a bit of mildew on it and it dries very quickly. The outdoor ottoman is from Target and it's perfect to put my feet up on.

If we want to enjoy some refreshment I just grab my big crock that sits out here and place an old breadboard on top.

The crock makes a great storage place for the outdoor weather protecting covers.

I bought this outdoor big nubby textured pillow at HomeGoods.

We picked up this topiary at Lowes in the spring and it has been trimmed twice.

I ordered two of these outdoor lanterns from Terrain. They are a bit smaller than I was expecting, but they have a light in them powered by the sun and they look pretty cool at night.

This photo was taken while the rug was still wet. You can see the drier part in front of the sofa where the cover was laying on it and kept it dry.

If you follow me on instagram then you know Miss Bailey has been on baby bird watch. There is a nest underneath and it's the second one this year. She even scratched the paint off the wood floor and whittled it down with her nails......bad girl.
The birds finally flew off today.

Now, I'm just waiting for cooler days again!

See past looks of the deck below:
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  1. Love the blues you have used. I don't have furniture covers, so my cushions are kept in the garage unless we are going to use the deck. I am planning to share my deck this week! Love the crock and bread board idea for a table!

  2. Kim, I am a big fan of blue and I particularly love it outdoors. Your deck is so inviting. The lower humidity has now vanished and it is miserably hot. Have a wonderful day.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous I am loving the mixed patterned blue pillows and rug. How divinely smart to use the big crock to store the wonderful outdoor weather protecting furniture covers. The pop of white flowers in the pitcher sitting on the white table are beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Your deck looks absolutely beautiful all done up in the blues!!!! I love your outdoor furniture and am completely envious of your pretty topiary!
    Have a great weekend!!!!

  5. Our boxer, Isabelle/Izzy, is also very curious about the baby birds under our deck. She doesn't scratch the wood, but does a whole lot of sniffing of the floor boards. LOL Last year baby birds under our second story porch attracted the attention of a black snake. My husband had to push it off the deck with a big broom. Snakes are NOT my favorite creature in the world. LOL Love your blues this summer!

  6. it looks beautiful,,,I also love the blue, its so calming,, I have just recently came back to blogging and have had to find all the blogs I followed, I'm so glad I found you today, you have always been a joy to read and I loved your hair style so much I had mine cut very much the same lol, you are such a joy to read and such an inspiration,

  7. So beautiful! I'm afraid our weather in West Texas is too hot to go outside at this point! Fall and Spring are our only comfortable outdoor seasons! I love sitting outside during those times, however. Enjoy the rest of the summer! It seems to be flying by quickly!

  8. I love how your crock does double duty on your deck! We have not been getting all the rains that you've been getting! Everything is parched here! The blues look so cool and refreshing on your deck.