Sitka and Ketchikan


Continuing with our trip we docked in Sitka on Wednesday. It was a cold and rainy day. It was in the fifties, but that is cold to us after being in the nineties all summer.

First stop was a shop near the ship to get the mister a hat to keep his head dry. I brought my rain hat.
We had to catch a shuttle at this pier to be transported into town.

I popped in a few shops and this mongolian lamb pillow was so soft. If it had been a different color it probably would have come home with me.

Of course he found a chair and rested his eyes. He hates shopping!

Next stop and our favorite Alaskan town was Ketchikan. It was still cloudy and cool, but no rain.
The shopping area and restaurants were right at the pier.
There was a lot of new buildings since our last time here years ago.

I wish I liked salmon. Can't get it any fresher than here.

I wanted to eat here, but we were only here a few hours.

Sunset I captured from our balcony.

Have a beautiful day.

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  1. Although all of the photos are magnificent, my fav is Mr. Savvy in the chair!
    Fabulous sunset photo! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Ketchikan was my favorite Alaskan city, too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. Salmon is not my favorite either! I keep trying to like it. Really enjoying your photos!

  4. Love Mr. Savvy in the chair and the hat!!!! Looks like even with the rain and dreary skies you had a great time. Looks like a great trip.

  5. Love following along on this trip...that sunset!! Mr Savvy resting in the chair...every husband I know! Thank you for sharing this adventure...

  6. Beautiful sunset, we also liked Ketchikan. Mr Savvy looks like my hubby who also hates shopping!

  7. Oh, husbands! Mine does the same thing. :D Thanks for taking us on your trip!