It Doesn't Take Pumpkins to Say Fall


Now, I have nothing against pumpkins and in fact I will be buying some at the pumpkin farm in a few weeks, but it doesn't take pumpkins to say fall. I transition from late summer to early fall by removing the summery items I added like shells and coral and summer pillows. After removing those things then I moved things around on the bookshelves and added heavier textured pillows.
So let's look at how I added fall without pumpkins and don't worry some of those will be added here and there soon.

Today I'm sharing my great room decorated in muted shades of greens and browns like the way some of mother nature turns outside this time of year before some of the pretty fall colors make an appearance.

Of course I always start out my seasonal decor by changing out the pillows. These are in muted blue, tan and sagey green and have great texture for the cooler season.

The conch shell and orchid were put away and the tabletop was kept simple with books  and the tian bowl filled with beads. I purposely placed the gold book on top for more fall color.

I'm keeping the ivy in the old concrete urn. I could add antlers or fill it with pumpkins, but I like the natural look of the plant for now and the ivy loves this spot.

I made a few tweaks on the bookshelves to add more warmth and texture.

More of the same on this side and excuse the big black box. 😀

I set the large amber demi john by the fireplace for more fall color and I love when the light pours through the bottle.

Things I used to add fall texture.

I went out and cut some branches from a crape myrtle bush outside and tucked them in this vintage French pitcher.

I swapped the French style chair that was here with this club chair from the master. I think I may keep this one here as I like it in this spot and I love the other one in the master.

When I opened up an email from Rejuvination I instantly saw this pillow and knew it would be perfect with this chair.

So as you can see it doesn't take pumpkins to say fall.

Wishing y'all an awesome week!

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  1. Just love the pillows from Pottery Barn!! Such great colors and textures. While room looks beautiful.

  2. All your changes are looking great! Love the new pillow.

  3. The plaid chair was the first thing that I noticed, I really like it in that spot, Your textures and muted tones add the perfect fall vibe!

  4. I love all that height in your great room. And your early touches of fall give it a good amount of coziness. Yep, no pumpkins needed.

  5. I always love your great room Kim. No matter what you do in there it is always bright and cozy. I love the neutral softer colors in there for fall. With you guys still having the warmer summer type weather I think this is a great decor idea. If you add pumpkins down the road it will just be the icing on the cake. Beautiful.

  6. What a most beautiful transition to Fall Kim!....Oh those pillows are amazing! .... It all looks fantastic...from the refreshed bookcases with Fall touches to the pillows and love the chair in that looks so very comfy!!!

  7. So pretty Kim! Love the pillow covers with the muted colors and texture.

  8. That chair looks so comfy! Love it there. All your touches look pretty. Hope your Mom is doing better.

  9. Just Beautiful! Love the muted colors! Nancy

  10. Hi Kim, I like all of your Fall ideas!
    I haven't seen Miss Bailey lately, hope she is doing well!

    1. Rebecca, Miss Bailey is doing quite well. I share her pics occasionally on instagram.

  11. Everything looks beautiful Kim. Hopefully it will start feeling like fall soon.

  12. Kim,
    Those pillows from Pottery Barn are gorgeous and really bring in the Fall element. We are suppose to be getting more Fall-like weather here in central VA this coming weekend and through next week. I cant wait!