Super Easy Dining Chairs Makeover


A couple of weeks ago I decided to makeover two chairs that I have. They were a dark espresso color and the finish just looked like plastic to me so it was time for an update. I searched through my stash of leftover paints and found a gray that was just right. 

Let's look at my super easy dining chairs makeover.

I taped around the edges of the upholstery and started painting. After two quick coats I was finished. I love how the original dark color still shows in the decorative part.

I purposely didn't paint the caning solid. I wanted them too look old and a bit worn. We call that perfectly imperfect.

If you look closely at the legs you will see they have natural cracks in them and I like how the paint settled in some and not in others.

I love the texture and color of the upholstery of these chairs so much that I lucked up on two new host and hostess chairs by the same maker and with the same fabric and the chairs are a much better fit.
I shared them on instagram and they will appear on the blog soon in the fall dining room post.

You can see what the chairs looked like before in this post and you will see that they were a tad small as host and hostess chairs with the other chairs.


  1. I have a chair obsession, so your yummy painted chairs are making me want to get out the paint brush!

  2. Kim, the chairs are a beautiful makeover!

  3. Love the new look. I recently bought a wood accent chair from Wayfair. It was the right size and the upholstery fabric worked with the other pieces in the room. Even the price was within budget. The only problem was the very weathered almost bleached wood finish. I decided to order it anyway and figured I'd find a way to make the finish work with the other wood tones in the room. I applied a heavy coat of dark wax before I assembled the chair. I think the darker finish works better with the upholstery color than the original color did.

  4. I like them a lot better painted, Kim. They were nice before but I think they are GREAT now! lol I have a couple of chairs I have to paint, too. Always something going on, huh? Can't wiat to see your new host/hostess chairs. xo Diana

  5. They look great Kim. You did a great job.

  6. Great change...much better in the gray.

  7. I have a set of cane back dining room chairs that I bought with the intention of painting one day but I have never gotten around to it. Thanks for sharing how you painted your I can see it is not an insurmountable task...maybe I will go ahead and just do it!