The Country Living Fair Atlanta 2018


I hope y'all had a nice weekend. I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the Country Living Fair this year, but I did and Mr. Savvy actually went with me for the first time ever. He's such a good sport. It rained all day Friday so Saturday was a bit of a muddy mess, but there are paved trails to walk on and then a few muddy areas you have to walk over to get to those trails. Saturday was cloudy and cold, but we were fine dressed in layers.
 The giant pumpkin mountain is always on display in the open area that you enter.

 Enjoy some of the things we saw.

This was such a cute display and the limelights were for sale at three for twelve dollars.
I hope to get cuttings from our new bush next year.

I always stop and visit this booth filled with European antiques. It was fun talking to the Tomsyk's again. They have a shop in Charlotte, NC and share their goods each year at the fair.

I didn't buy anything from them this time. 

Here is the way the setups look from a distance.

I shared this ferris wheel turning on my Instagram stories on Saturday.

You can dress the smaller crowd in this get up.

I wish someone hadn't stepped in front of bombshell Betty. She was working away on something.

This toile on this sofa was torn in places so it's a pretty piece, but needs to be reupholstered.

After finding the vintage grape basket last week I have my eyes out for one more thing on my wish list. I want one of these old European toy horses. They always cost a fortune and this one caught my eye, but it has been doctored with new legs, I believe. I really want one without the base with the legs further apart. So the hunt goes on.

Check me for a temperature because I basically came home empty handed. I bought four rusty letters in hopes of changing out my "farmhouse" sign in my sun room to say "antiques" instead, but after the mister examined the board and how the letters were nailed on he said they would be bent to pieces trying to get them off. The board is oak and he said it would be very hard to pull those little tacks out.

Wishing all a great week!


  1. Some day I am going to make it to that fair! Do you know the name of the shop in Charlotte?

    1. Penny, I lost their card. Maybe Becky will see this post and answer your question.

  2. I spy lots of wonderful things like that antique post!...Yes, you must have been "out of sorts" to not come home with a bundle of things!...Yes, Mr. Savvy is a trooper!

  3. MUST go next year!! I live only 15 minutes from Stone Mountain Park. Who knows I might have run into you!!!

    1. You're only fifteen minutes away? You definitely should go. I'm 40 minutes or more away.

  4. Hello KIm,
    I attended the CLF in Rhinebeck, NY. So much fun! Looks like tons of great treasures to be found the pumpkin mountain. Thank you for bring us along.
    The Empty Nest

  5. This always looks like such a great show! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Every year I say that I'm going to attend the Country Living Fair but I never get there. Thanks for taking me along virtually!

  7. Hi Ann
    I’ve have been wanting to go to this show for so many years now. I live in California, so I was wondering if it is worth all the travel to go. Maybe you can suggest a fair closer to me?
    Thank you and I love your blog and all of your ideas. I have mimicked some.

    1. Hi Marcia, my name is Kim :) and I don't think it's worth that much travel expense. I was a bit disappointed in the fair this year as there weren't as many vendors. They have these all over the country now so you may find one closer than Georgia. Just go to or google country living fair and it will give the locations and dates.

  8. I went last year to the SL fair and it was great. It rained and the wind was terrible but the big tents held up! Sorry I missed it this year:( It would be fun to plan a gathering at the fair next year of bloggers and followers. It would be so cool to meet some of my favorite bloggers in Georgia!