Sunday Drive and Shopping Some Mountain Shops


I love going to the mountains to go leaf peeping and I knew last weekend was probably the last chance to see the color before the leaves all fall off. So we hopped in the car and went on a Sunday drive and I'm taking y'all along.

 I googled some information the night before to find out where the best colors were and found a state park that we didn't even know existed and we have passed by the road to it for years. Black Rock Mountain State Park is in Mountain City, Georgia and it's one of those very winding narrow roads that you drive up. At the top it is the highest point of all the state parks. From this spot you can see four states at once. Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. It was quite cold and windy while we stood there and and I shared a video in my instagram stories.

After we left the state park we headed up the road to Highlands, NC.

It was a beautiful drive full of golds and a few reds. I was clicking these shots as we drove back down the road. The sun was too bright going up.

I really hadn't planned on doing any shopping, but we're not up this way much and I love this store called Summer House on the road to Highlands. It is a furniture and home accessories store full of eye candy plus they have a bed and bath shop next door.

I didn't buy anything and didn't take many pictures as there were several people shopping.

Then on the way back home I stopped in a shop in Clayton, Ga. called Dogwoods Home which is a mix of vintage and new. This was my kind of shop. Still didn't get a lot of pictures since the owner was watching me.

Couple of trees were decorated.

Y'all this wreath is real and HUGE!! There is no way it can fit in a car without breaking.

I loved this light fixture and it was quite large.

Again I didn't buy a single thing.

 What's wrong with me??

Well, sometimes window shopping is all you need.

The fall colors are really good now closer to home, but soon they'll all be gone.

Until next year.


  1. Pretty fall pictures! How long does it take you to get to Highlands from your home? It takes almost 2 hours from here.

  2. The owner was watching you. LOL! Do you ask permission to take pictures in the shops? The drive to Highlands and Cashiers is beautiful. We have enjoyed staying in Cashiers occasionally. Our own mountains are just gorgeous right now (Smokies). They are generally a bit behind the lower levels. We are fortunate to have a mountain view from the front of our property. Love the mountains!!

  3. Thanks for the pictures. Didn't do any foliage drives this fall. Time just got away from me. I agree sometimes liking can be as good as buying. Also great way to get ideas.

  4. Love the Summer House and Highlands!!