How I Am Sticking to My Goals


The first week of January I posted about my plans to take better care of myself this year and you can read that post here. I guess you could call it a resolution even though I just needed to make some changes in my life and I can say I have been sticking with my plan and I'm feeling so much better. Less stress and s l o w l y trimming down. I don't weigh myself, but go by how my clothes are fitting.

Today I thought I would share how I am sticking to my goals.

One of the first changes I had to make was eating out less, but I am not one who likes to stand over a hot stove. I bought an 8 quart Instant Pot on sale at Williams Sonoma when they had a one day sale on it. My daughter was with me and she said to get a bigger one so I did. Now, I may get a small one, too for smaller dishes and sides.

I was excited and scared when I first used the pot, but with the help of watching YouTube first and then buying a couple of books it is really easy. Also Pinterest has lots of good recipes. It cooks so well and fast and clean up is a breeze. I actually cooked a whole chicken and then made the best southern style green beans the first time I used it. My daughter told me start with something easy like soup.... nope, I'll cook a whole chicken. 😀
We have gone from eating out at least four or five times a week to once a week.

I'm sharing a couple of the books I am finding recipes in.

Not so sure about the 5 pounds a week! Not happening here.

I can feel good about the fact that I'm eating clean and controlling how the foods are prepared. I go to different grocery stores several times a week. I eat a lot of avocados and they can go bad so quickly so I just go to the store more often. I also eat a lot of eggs as suggested in the next book below.
 I am not cooking three times a day with the instant pot. I cook a few times a week with it and there are usually leftovers especially when I make soup.
I am also exercising every other day. If I do it daily I will burn out. I don't like exercising, but I know it is necessary for weight loss and for good health especially in our latter years, but you should start young and keep it up.

I am not a reader, but I am reading this book. With two parents who have had dementia my chances are pretty good that I may get it, too. This book is really good and inciteful.
 Max Lugavere's mom was diagnosed with a mysterious form of demential at fifty eight years old and he took the time to talk to specialists, nutritionists, and leading scientists around the world to better understand his mother's condition. This book uncovers the link between our dietary and lifestyle choices and our brain function. His mother recently passed away.

My dad died in 2016 and now my mom is in memory care so I'm definitely eating more of these foods that are good for the brain.

You can find all these books on amazon.

Hope y'all have a fabulous week!


  1. You are an inspiration. I need to do exactly what you are doing, but can't seem to pull the trigger. Thank you very much for sharing. We miss you so much at Home Style Saturdays. :)

    1. Thank you, Ann. This is really so easy to do. The food is good and healthy. I don't miss sugar since I use honey or syrup. I didn't feel good and that was my push to do this plus to hopefully stop dementia from being in my future.

  2. Good for you Kim, for taking care of you! That is so hard to do, when you have been the care giver. My focus was on health this year....

  3. I just ordered Genius Foods - thanks for the tip!! Health is a big priority for us this year too.

  4. thank you for this post! My daughter and her husband have high pressure long hour jobs and eat out lots. She has been feeling down lately. I am going to recommend instant Pot and cookbooks. My own mother used her pressure cooker when I was growing up.

  5. Eating better is on my list too...I just hate to cook. Maybe I should look into an Insta Pot. Anything with "Insta" in it sounds like my kind of cooking! ;)

  6. Love my Instant Pot...received about 4 cookbooks and amazed at what you can cook in it!...Yes, eating out less is a good thing on your pocket book and health...My mother always preached about "brain food" we we kids never really understood what she we know...Looking forward to hearing about some of your favorite recipes!

  7. I loved your post! We started exercising again, some things over 5 years got in the way, two knee replacements and breast cancer....I, like you, hate exercising (walking the dog and riding my bike is good)but real exercise is hard...I even signed up to have a personal trainer once a week..I want to be more fit! Maybe an instant pot is in the future..I do like to cook and try to eat healthy!!!!!

  8. Thank you for the fabulous book reference as our mom of six passed away this year from Alzheimers and dementia. Undoubtedly her food choices were rich, delicious and outlandishly high in calories. She lived to be 90 but left us having no idea who we were....our food choices are now made with all of the above in mind. Bless you and yours for this season of life can be challenging.....

  9. This is great!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Good for you, Kim! I've been trying to eat better, too. I bought an Insta Pot once and ended up taking it back (without using it). Maybe I should give it another try. ;)

  11. Love this post! Happy you found a way to improve your health! I’m a long time fan of Max and agree his book is truly informative and helpful! Good luck, stay healthy!