Sometimes You Get More Than You Ask For


A few weeks before Christmas I asked Mr. Savvy if he could make the top of the fireplace mantel deeper. It has always been a bit too narrow for anything of any size to fit on and it was always hard to keep garland on it for Christmas. I used to put nails in the mantel so the garland wouldn't fall off and last Christmas I used to Command Hooks and they worked great.

He said that he could make it deeper, but never got around to it until now.
Last week he asked me to find pictures of mantels I like because he wanted to rebuild ours since the deeper ledge needed to be reworked all the way down. He built the original mantel when we built the house in 1995. It was the first one he had ever built and he did a fabulous job.

This is how the mantel looked last summer. He was ready to get rid of the squares and rectangles and actually I have been ready.

I found a few photos on pinterest and this one was the one he did a variation of. Sorry there was no source for this photo. 

Today I'm sharing progress shots from my phone that I shared on instagram.

First he pulled both sides off and left the top on as a base he attached the new top and trim to.
You can see the original color of the walls when we built and the marble was white. We changed it several years ago after getting the new wood floors. Someone asked if we were changing out the marble and I said no we're not because I wouldn't ask him to do that, too. That's a lot of work as I remember when he did it last time.

New beefier boxed in base.

Then the trim was added around the marble.

Here you can see the old top part still showing and the new deeper top.The ledge went from 7.5 inches to 10 inches. 

He trimmed it all out yesterday and now it's time for me to paint it.
I'll share the new look soon.

I'm so glad I asked for a deeper ledge because sometimes you get more than you ask for.

Have a great weekend and happy February1st!


  1. You will love it. I can't wait to see how you style it.

  2. Wow!!! Love it!!! Excited to see the debut!!!:)

  3. looks great. are you painting white?

  4. Looking good! You are so fortunate that Mr. Savvy can and does these projects.
    It will be convenient to have a deeper shelf for collections and vignettes. Bonnie G.

  5. Oh Kim, I can't wait to see the final photograph! How excited you must be!

  6. The new mantle is going to look fabulous! Mr. Savvy is doing a great job and I cant wait to see it finished. In the meantime, lets hope that Groundhog doesn't see his shadow tomorrow and a early Spring is on the way!!

  7. Marie in AZ2/1/19, 10:38 AM

    Kim, it's so kind of you to share detailed pictures of this project. It's going to turn out great! Thank you

  8. Such a talented guy! It's going to look fabulous!

  9. Looks great!...That Mr. Savvy is amazing!!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Looks great Kim. I know with your great styling it will always be so pretty.
    Can't wait to see it painted.

  11. There's nothing better than a super handy hubby!! Beautiful!

  12. Absolutely beautiful work! You are a lucky woman to have a husband that has those woodworking skills. Treat him well. Pam Cates

  13. Tis beeeeuitful! This guy is a keeper! ha

  14. You two are amazing! I always enjoy seeing your home projects. I think you two make a great team!
    The new mantel is going to be fabulous!

  15. Oh, Mr. Savvy knocked it out of the park as always!! Once painted it's gonna look gorgeous!

  16. Love it, Kim! We did something similar so we could put our tv on it (only place to put it in the living room). Mr. Savvy did a fab job!