The Current French Farmhouse Style Sun Room


Today I'm sharing the current French farmhouse style sun room since I have made a few changes.
The first change is a new matching leather chair that I purchased when it went on sale a few weeks ago. I bought the other one two years ago when it went on special for one day only at fifty percent off and I was hoping that would happen again, but it never has. I bought the second one at twenty five percent off so still a pretty good deal. Now I just need to wait for the sun to fade it a bit and for it to get some wear to it so it doesn't look so new. I didn't realize how much the first chair had faded over time, but I prefer that look. You can see the old chair in this post. It was a very cheap and extremely uncomfortable chair, but looked good. 

Of course I have changed out the pillows. Those always get switched up.

I love the texture these pillows add.

The tassles just add some fun and with them being neutral I'm sure they will be moved around the house.

I also swapped the gray checked drapery panels for the solid neutral ones again. It's hard to change out the pillows with the checked drapes. The gray checks is too restrictive. They were great for Christmas, but not at this time.
 I just keep my extra drapery panels put away on a hanger in a closet.

More texture on this old trunk with the metal chippy lamp, the wicker wrapped demijohn and the beads in a textural bowl.

I didn't change the bench up since I like it the way it is until I change things up again. 😉

I kept these pillows on the leather chairs. All the neutral colors work well together around the room.

I will wait for the new chair to look like this.

Pillows and accessories may change again for spring. Oh, who am I kidding of course they will.

Have a great week!


  1. French Farmhouse is my favorite trend! Your sunroom is lovely! I want the pillows! Just when I think there's nothing new under the sun, here's comes your pillows with large tassels. Love. Love. Love.

  2. Beautiful! I don't believe there's a change you've made to your house that I didn't think looked great. Can you share the maker/where the leather chairs are from? Thank you!

  3. Everything looks great Kim. Love the chippy metal lamp.

  4. Looks great, Kim!If you ever want to get rid of that bench, let me know! I LOVE it!!!

  5. I always love your sun room changes. I am loving the chippy metal lamp and I can’t remember ever seeing it before!

  6. Bonjour,

    J'aime beaucoup la manière que vous nous montrez ce bel intérieur.
    Très jolies photos.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  7. Looks beautiful as always and glad that you finally got your matching chair. Yes, the first one was a bargain! Every time I see that coffee table, I have to smile as I love it!...Those pom pom pillows make me smile too! Have a great week Kim!

  8. I always love your sweet sun room and how you decorate it. The french farmhouse look is so pretty in there. I love those sweet pillows with the tassels. Your square coffee table is awesome too. It is all beautiful.

  9. Where did you buy the tasseled pillows?

  10. as always such a great space and I love how you keep it fresh with adding and changing some things around. here's to a wet sloppy week in northeast ga.

  11. Can you share the maker/where the leather chairs are from? Thank you!

  12. Love your blog and all of your posts. I am a color person but can appreciate the neutrals. Especially love the bench, like so many others. Can you share info about it?

  13. My favorites are that beautiful trunk and the fun pillow with tassles.

  14. love the curtain panels where did you get them?

  15. Maybe it's because I only have small Windows in my old Cottage, but I think this is my favourite room in your house. So much light!

  16. I always love to see your sunroom! Loving all of the textures you're using in here. So pretty!

  17. I always love seeing the sunroom. It's such a gorgeous space.

  18. Hi Kim, I love your windows! Where are your blinds from? The room is so beautiful! I love the neutral paint on the walls. Pleas share the color. Keep up the good work - I'm a big fan and at a loss with my own house...


    1. Donna, the blinds are just some cheap ones from Lowe's or Home Depot years ago. Walls are White Dove by Benjamin Moore. Thanks