The Winter Farmhouse Style Bedroom


I hope y'all had a glorious weekend. We had spring temps that will continue this week. I'm sure those who came for the Super Bowl loved our weather. It's always a hit or miss this time of year and of course it will get cold again soon. This is just a spring teaser. 
Before spring does arrive I figured I'll show you how the farmhouse style bedroom has looked since the Christmas decor was put away. 

Can y'all believe it's already February?

The Winter Farmhouse Style Bedroom

The only thing new I added is this cute little sign that reads "in a world where you can be anything
be kind. Isn't that the truth?

Now, we're going to back up and see the view from the entrance to the room. 

Stacking two vintage lidded baskets at the end of the bed and they are so great for storage.

I'm still using the gray bedding that I was using before with some pillows swapped out.

When staying in the same tones I always add texture.

Love this soft pom pom throw from Pottery Barn.

Now it's time to dream up spring.

Have a great week and follow along on Instagram.


  1. Wonderful weather here the last few days too and yes, on through this week! Cold again I'm sure, but we will be up and down now and Spring is not far away! YIPPEE!!!

    The flower catalogs have started arriving!

  2. Your guest room looks so relaxing. Loving our weather here too.

  3. I so love the warmth and beauty of the Farmhouse guest everything about it from the beautiful bedding to the nightstands and details. It has certainly evolved so beautifully over the years....always love seeing the changes through each season...Have a great day Kim!

  4. We're also having a little break from the cold weather, but not for long. I love touring your bedrooms, all your linens are simply fabulous! Enjoy your week!

  5. The grays are very calming. Love all the different textures. Have you ever shared where you picked up your lamps? They are beautiful! Also, the white night stand with the 2 shelves below the drawer. I like the attention to details.

  6. The Farmhouse guest room is beautiful in season. I love the textures, looks so cozy!

  7. You've done it again, Kim. So pretty. And I love..."in a world where you can be anything
    be kind."

  8. Where is that bedding from????

    1. Most of it is Pottery Barn except the bedskirt and the throw pillow. I don't think they still sell the duvet and shams. I bought them last year.