Weekend AnniversaryTrip and Finds


If you follow me on instagram then you know Mr. Savvy and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on Friday. We didn't have anything planned at first, but I took care of that. We went back to Fairhope, Alabama that we first visited last year for a work conference. It's located on Mobile Bay and in town are some great shops. A couple of the antique stores are my favorites because they carry lots of French antiques.

I'm sharing a few snaps from the trip starting with a photo of my first purchase from another cute home decor store, Green Gates, that's on the main road going into Fairhope. If you look on instagram you'll see where we hung it. Yep, hubby hung it as soon as we got home. 

We stayed in town in the Hampton Inn since we were only staying for one night. They have cute little patios on some of the rooms and gas burning lights. It resembled New Orleans architecture.

This was our nighttime view after we got back from enjoying a really good Italian meal at Gambino's Italian Grill.

After breakfast, at Another Broken Egg, I was hitting the antique shops.

This was a beautiful trumeau mirror and it was on sale. Gosh if it would have fit in the car it might have come home with me.

I love these old confit pots and I almost purchased this green one as they are harder to find, but my heart went pitter patter for another one.

When I saw the patina on this one I knew it had to come home with me. It is the largest one I have seen, too.

This is a fabulous antique French kitchen island.

I have been looking for a dough bowl in this shape and at the right price and I struck gold when I found this one on the floor under a table. You have to remember to look up and down and under.

I found plenty of the vintage French pressed botanicals and Mr. Savvy bought a few for my anniversary gift. Don't give me jewelry. I'll take antiques.

I can't wait to get these hung!

Have a great week!

I know I still need to share the new mantel reveal and I will when I can get some photos taken. Between rain day in and day out and then being out of town I just haven't been able to take those. Now, I'm sick with some kind of nasty cold and I'm never sick. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow and can get those taken before the rain returns Wednesday if I don't cough up a lung. 😐

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  1. You got some wonderful things! I know you have been looking for those botanicals for a long time! Feel better.

  2. Great finds and Happy Anniversary

  3. Glad you had a nice Anniversary get away. You found some great pieces. Glad you found some botanicals. The dough bowl is a great color and great size. Happy New Week.

  4. Wow great trip and amazing finds. I'm the same way, forget the jewelry.


  5. Such beautiful things! I love all your stuff! Looks like my house :). I enjoy taking my trips abroad and seeing how I can take something back to implement in my home. Check me out at pathwaysandpatinas.com

  6. I live in Fairhope and love it! There is so much to see and do every day! Glad you had a nice visit and found some neat things.

  7. I'm lucky my son lives in Spanish Fort which is a hop and skip to Fairhope which we visit regularly. It's such a pretty town and I love the area down by the pier.

  8. Great great finds and great Anniversary gifts. Hope you feel better and welcome home. PS. That’s why I love traveling in our van. Can fit lots of stuff in it!

  9. Hope you feel bettr!!! Happy Anniversary. You got some great goodies!!!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Great finds. We just celebrated our 25th in a similar way, thrifting/ antiquing. I'm like you, I'm happy when my house is sparkly! ;) Feel better.

  11. You found some amazing pieces! I love Fairhope.....hubby and I are considering moving there when we move back to the Gulf Coast. I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Those short gateways are the best! And you got some really nice pieces. I love the botanicals. Looking forward to seeing them in your home!

  13. I LOVE Fairhope. We've been twice and stay at the Hampton Inn, too. Love the shops, the pier, the park overlooking the bay, and the friendly locals.