A Super Easy Money Saving Makeover


 This post is about how I transformed an inexpensive paper mache bowl to look like the more expensive versions that I have had my eyes on. When I find something I really like and the price is a bit too much for my liking I will start researching to see if I can get the item for less. Today I'm sharing one of those items, but it didn't look quite the same as the originals.

A Super Easy Money Saving Makeover

These are all made of paper and I just love the look.

  I didn't want to spend $89 plus shipping for them so I was glad when I did some googling and found a much cheaper version.

This is the one I found and it is a bit smaller, but it was only $20 and free shipping. This is a photo of it from my last sun room post. It was an all over solid color, but I had an idea pop in my head on how to make it look a bit more rustic like the expensive ones. I checked the website I bought mine from which was Hayneedle, but they are sold out.

I just bought some off white paint samples for a big project I'm getting ready to work on and I grabbed the paint and a brush and got to work.This is after brushing white paint all over it. I didn't fully cover it. I let some of the base color show.

After the paint dried for a few minutes I lightly added some dark wax all over to darken it, but then it was a bit too dark. No problem it's an easy fix.

I brushed some more white paint on it and this is the finished product.

Original bowls $89 plus shipping which was $28 on one site.
My bowl $20 and free shipping plus a few minutes time to make it over.

Now, on to the big project this weekend.

Happy weekend!

Photos 1 and 2 from The Grey Antler


  1. Great fix and why paint is our friend. Enjoy your day


  2. Love it!!! And of course you worked your magic on it!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. The bowls look like concrete. I saw in your sister's pics that she had one. Happy weekend! Hope you get out and do something fun too!!

  4. I love it, Kim. Nice copycat job. I love to do that, too. Can't wait to see what your big project is! Diana

  5. My question, and interest is....how are you going to spend the savings. I will be waiting for something new and different to be seen soon. LOL

  6. My brain is wondering if you could use leftover wall plaster on a really, really cheap object...and then paint. Instant texture AND old world charm! (Or a mess...hmmm...worth a try!)

  7. You nailed it! Luv the look and the price.

  8. Oh I love it. Hope you don't mind if I steal your great idea, but then you are always giving us great ideas. Have a blessed day.