Spring in the Great Room


Adding spring around here means switching out pillows, removing heavy throws and sprinkling live plants around with a mix of faux flowers. Simple, simple, and done. Today we are going to see how I added spring in the great room.

The best thing we did recently was building the new mantel.

The pillows are light, but still have plenty of texture. 

I went to Lowe's to buy some house plants and came home with this pretty ivy. I just placed the pot in my ironstone punch bowl. Ivy is one of the plants that I don't usually kill. Design books round out the table decor with a majolica plate and a vintage copper horn.

I found the copper horn at one of the antique shops in Fairhope, Alabama last time we went.

The heavy knit and fur pillows have been put away.
I've had this ivy plant for several years and have moved it from room to room.

The little plant on the first shelf is one I found at Lowes and it said it could handle low light so I hope it does well on the shelf. I tucked it in a little pot that says rosemary on it. The flowers in the ironstone pitcher are faux, but look pretty real. I found those at Magnolia on line last year.

I know televisions are not nice to look at in photos, but this is life. Just ignore it and look at the styling above. More greenery was added in a bowl and in the tiny old trophy.

The little fern is faux and comes with what looks like dirt and roots and you just drop it in a vessel. It's very real looking and I picked it up in Fairhope last summer on our first trip there.

The mantel has been updated a bit. I added a live ivy plant to my mossy planter I've had for years. Then I leaned an original painting that makes me think of spring with the couple walking their dog in a park. The other latest find is the chunky candlesticks. They are perfect on the mantel. They are from Decor Steals and they were a flash steal. Thanks to my sister for giving me the heads up when that deal came up.

This is a photo I shared on instagram before adding the ivy plant.

I first tried this seafan on the mantel and it wasn't quite right so then I had the idea to place it on this brass easel.

This tufted bench has traveled the house. First it was at the foot of our old bed, then it was in the dining room and I have even tried it in the guestrooms. I decided to place it here in place of the larger wooden bench which moved to the bonus room. I like that this one is not as deep and takes up less space.

I hope you enjoyed my spring great room tour and I wish y'all a great weekend.


  1. Love all of the greenery. The new mantel looks so good.

  2. It all looks so beautiful Kim. I love the striped pillows and the candlesticks look great on the mantel. As always a beautifully done room and I know you are loving the new mantel. Also love the tufted bench on that wall! I need one for the foot of my bed! :). Bailey said it was too big to hide for me!

  3. I love your spring updates, Kim! Everything looks so fresh and light. We are finally getting some warmer weather here so I am ready to lighten up as well. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. You're better than me. I can't even keep ivy alive indoors. I have bad luck indoors. Outdoors I have no issues. Go figure.

    Warming here so I need to put bone meal on lilacs and hollytone on the Hydrangeas.

    Everything always looks great.

    Enjoy your day


  5. Love the fresh plants along with all the pretty light that comes in this room. I am liking the simple and pretty you are doing in this room. Love that wood piece up against the stair wall. Gorgeous piece.
    Happy Thursday.

  6. Love your ideas! Going to Fairhope in May when I visit my Mom who lives in Gulf Breeze Fla. Looking forward to going!

  7. Just beautiful Kim ❣

  8. Hi! Love your great room and new mantel. Have you ever thought of replacing the marble on the fireplace with blue and white ceramic tile??

    1. No, I would not add blue and white. My husband replaced that marble a few years ago and I'm not asking him to do it again. This tile goes well with the flooring and adds some warmth to the room and is still neutral.

  9. I have always loved your home. And your style is impeccable.

  10. The whole room looks great, Kim. I love all the ivy. I have trouble with it? Not sure why as I can grow many other plants. May try again though as it is so pretty. Have a beautiful weekend.