The Master Bedroom Through the Years


If you have followed my blog for the last nine years or for just the last few months then you know I love changing up the bedrooms. I love a pretty bed and I have fun creating them. I have updated the master and the guest bedrooms many times which was usually seasonally. Before I share the reveal of how the master looks now with the new paint color I thought I would share some of my favorite looks of the master bedroom through the years.

We aren't going all the way back to 2010 as those photos are not very good and they weren't my favorites so we are starting with this change in 2012 when I went from a dark wooden bed to this upholstered headboard and was heading in more of the direction I was wanting to go with the room.

In 2014 I revealed another new bed. We needed a new mattress so we switched to a king size bed which meant I had to find a new headboard. I loved the queen size upholstered headboard so I just changed to a new style that didn't break the bank.

I use to have a lot of red throughout the house, but over the years my taste has changed. Now I want lighter and brighter and not tons of color. I loved the pop of color the red bedding added in 2015.

Fall of 2016 French Country Master Refresh. I still use this quilt during the winter months as it's a bit heavier and keeps us nice and warm.

I used layers of white bedding the summer of 2017. I'm actually using the same duvet cover now. I'm glad I have saved some of my previous bedding.

This softer side of fall look is still one of my favorites. I loved the soft colors and the pattern mixing.

Then last fall the new brass bed was revealed. I had my eye on this bed for several years and finally bit the bullet and ordered it when it was on sale.

Now I look forward to sharing the next reveal. I better hurry up and take those photos before any rain returns.

If you want to see some older photos of the master you can catch them in this master bedroom evolution post I did in 2015.

Have a wonderful spring weekend!


  1. Kim, so many different looks but all beautiful. I saw the IG photo and it is stunning, looking forward to seeing the full reveal. Happy Friday!

  2. Always fun seeing your bedroom changes. Looking forward to it with the new paint.

  3. Love seeing the Master Brdroom morph over the years. I agree that my fav is the soft side of Fall one too! Happy Friday Kim!!!

  4. Kim, they're all beautiful!! And I can't wait to see the new look.

  5. I love all the changes, Kim, and am looking forward to what you do next. I loved the Layers of White one-especially for summer- just light and airy looking. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  6. This is such a fun post! Loving seeing your beautiful bedroom throughout the years, and all the changes! I LOVE all the different looks!
    ~Emily @

  7. Every look in your master bedroom is gorgeous. Our bedrooms should be our sanctuary and yours looks like it is just that. Happy Friday Kim. Have a great weekend.

  8. They are all very charming!

  9. Where did you get the dust ruffle hat looks like ticking.

    1. That was from Pottery Barn, but not available anymore. Have had that for years.

  10. Your master is always beautiful, but I agree that softer side of fall is gorgeous! Looking forward to the reveal.

  11. What fun to look back & see the changes over the years.