A New Light for the Master Bath


A few months I ago I bought a new light for the master bath. The original one I chose just wasn't cutting it. Marie Kondo says if it doesn't bring you joy then get rid of it. 😉

This is my beautiful chandelier that does bring me joy.

This sconce, not so much. Originally there were going to be three sconces, but after the sheetrock was finished we realized there wasn't room for the two single sconces that were to go on the outside of the mirrors so we sent those back and just kept the middle one. Only problem is it was the only bronze piece in here. I like mixed metals, but this was the oddball so I knew I needed to find a new light. When I went to order the new sconce, I knew was perfect, it was on back order for months. Finally it came in and it's perfect.

So much better....right?

It's the matching sconce to the chandelier. Both are by Visual Comfort.
I love the beaded detail. This one brings me joy.


You can see the full bathroom reveal here.

Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Easter!

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  1. Beautiful Kim.
    Happy Easter.

  2. The new sconce does seem to be a better fit even though I loved the bronze one and wish I had it and a mate here at my house! The bath turned out beautiful and if you are like me, you just want to walk in there and smile and appreciate the beauty.

  3. You really hit the mark with this beautiful sconce!! I'm not a minimalist by any means so I'm not a huge Marie Kondo fan but her "spark joy" mantra is right on the money. I've been able to get rid of a lot of things by asking myself her simple question, "does this spark joy?" and if not, off it goes to Goodwill where it will no doubt spark joy for someone else!

    1. Hi, i read your comment. I’m far from being a minimalist but I agree with what you wrote. I’ve been asking myself that about everything that fills my home. I’ve been letting go of clothes, shoes and home decor too.

  4. Definitely a much better choice! I love them both! It’s true if it doesn’t feel right and bring you joy it’s time to pass it one! Have a beautiful Easter.

  5. Beautiful....so happy that they bring you joy! Happy Easter!

  6. So much better...in fact, it's perfect! I love every detail of this bathroom.

  7. Looks great! Good choice.

  8. I agree with you- I love the new sconce. Those 2 by Visual Comfort are some I have had my eye on for a while. LOVE YOUR BATHROOM AND WHOLE HOUSE!