Another Makeover with Rub'n Buff


I have been wanting a pair of these French country style lamps for some time and I finally ordered them a few weeks ago when the website had a sale. The photo below,from the website, is very bright and gold, but that isn't how they looked when they arrived. Instead of the pain of sending them back I decided to keep them. I figured I could make them look better without too much work.

Welcome to another makeover with Rub'n Buff.

photo from

Here is a shot I grabbed with my phone of how they actually looked. Yea, not quite like the photo from the website is it? Very gray and dark with some specks of gold here and there.

Still not like the website photo, but better than it was. I just used a tiny brush and Rub'n Buff in Antique Gold that I had on hand and applied it here and there. I may buy another brighter gold and add some more.

Better than it was anyway. 

You may have noticed that the lamp is on a new nightstand, too. If you follow me on instagram then you have seen it. I like it so much that I ordered another one to have a matching pair. I'm waiting for it to be delivered and then I'll share the changes.

It's almost the weekend!

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  1. I see lamps very similar to this all the time. (I think maybe even Target!!) I hope you didn't spend alot, especially since you had to doll them up. You could have bought a cheaper pair and painted them LOL.

    1. Tina, you are always so critical and negative in your comments. I wonder why you feel the need make comments like this?

  2. Wow...that lamp is definitely what the picture portrayed it to be!....It looks great now!!! Good job!!!

  3. This lamp is so pretty with the rub and buff gold added. Just gives the lamp a little more character.
    Happy Thursday.

  4. Wow, that is a serious difference from the webpage. You should at least put in a review. They are a beautiful shape and nice height with great shades. I understand why you took the effort to make them work, but still �� I think that dust of ages treatment that you did on your chandelier might be pretty too.

  5. I have a pair of really beautiful expensive lamps that I purchased long long ago. They don't "fit" my decor. They are speckled blue. What can I do to update them and get rid of the blue. Any advice is welcomed.

  6. Don't ya just LOVE Rub'n Buff. We should buy stock in the company...HAHA. I've even bought something on sale knowing it's not exactly what I was looking for...but when price is too good to pass up. Then when I get home, I get out the 'ol Rub'n Buff and customize it. Love your gorgeous new CUSTOM lamp!

  7. They look 100 percent better. I think if that had been me I'd have been more than a little aggravated. They didn't look anything like the stock photo. You handled it better than me. Enjoy your lamps!! :)

  8. So much better! I love Rub'n Buff!