Spring Kitchen and Breakfast Room Tour


Welcome to my spring kitchen and breakfast room tour. It's been some time since I've shared these rooms. The lighting is poor in here during the winter months so I don't bother photographing it much. After cleaning the kitchen really good it was the perfect time to take some pictures. You'll notice right away one change we made. I bought this oversized black rustic lantern that I found in a home decor shop while out of town. Mr. Savvy looked at me like I was crazy, but I knew it would be perfect in the breakfast room over my antiqe French farm table. I love the old rustic charm over the previous smaller brass colored lantern. The old lantern was moved to a new spot.

As soon as we got home from the weekend trip he took the other light down and hung this one. I told him he could wait, but he wanted to get it done. It didn't take him long. So nice having a handy man on site.

Just for fun the table is set for two.

I grabbed things I had on hand and put the place settings together. The chicken wire chargers are several years old from Pottery Barn. I am always asked about them. Pottery Barn needs to bring them back. They sold quickly and people still wanted them.

I mixed the plates and added my favorite bowls covered in tiny bees. I found these at the Williams Sonoma outlet years ago.

I found the orange ranunculus at Trader Joe's and placed them in this vintage jar.

Now let's check out the kitchen.
This is the view from where we come in the house off the garage.

The barstools were found at the Ballards Outlet a few years ago.

This is where Miss Bailey eats.

This old and very worn breadboard is a recent find. I don't know why I'm drawn to these old boards, but I am. This one has an irregular shape and I love that the most used spot shows.

I love these old sardine pots, but boy they aren't cheap. They say buy what you love so I finally got this one to put my utensils in.

I keep my most needed oils and spices on a platter by the cooktop and honey for my sweetner.

I bought this SMEG toaster in white to replace a red toaster I had that wasn't working so good and I didn't keep it out because of the color. I like this toaster, but the way it toasts is a bit crazy. Sometimes it overcooks and sometimes it barely cooks. At least it looks good. 😉

This is the view from the dining room. I'm waiting for the dishwasher to stop working so I can get one that is compatible for a cabinet front. It's a Bosch so that may never happen. I am thinking about lightening up the color of these cabinets. I am kind of over this green even though many like it. I want to go with a pale greige or something to blend more with the granite.

More vintage breadboards. I use the three smaller ones.

I found these pretty orange tulips at Trader Joe's, too and put them in this mint green jar.

This is my favorite hand soap to keep in the kitchen. The smell is so good.

This is how the table looks now after removing the place settings.

My son and his crew are coming at the end of the week on their way to Nashville so we will enjoy a short visit with them.

Have a good one!


  1. I always love to see your kitchen - and I love the new lantern! Have a great visit with your son!

  2. I love your kitchen, especially the green cabinets! I just noticed your cabinet handles, they’re beautiful. And the new lantern is the perfect touch. Did you get rid of your big chopping block? And may I ask what you use on your granite to keep it shiny?

    1. The chopping block is in the gargage at the moment. I'm trying to decide it I want to use it or not or get something else. Kind of nice not walking around it. I use Zep CleanStone Plus on my granite probably weekly. Otherwise I just clean with a wash cloth.

  3. Kim, the new lantern looks great! Your breakfast room and kitchen are always fresh and pretty. Have a nice visit with your son and family!

  4. All too beautiful!! I do love how you gathered many of your breadboards and placed then in the kitchen area. LOVE the lantern!!! Must say the photos do not do your kitchen justice!!

  5. I notice the SMEG appliances on blogger pages or instagram. We rarely use a toaster and it's kept in a cabinet. I don't like appliances out. The crock for the utensils is nice - I have an old crock from my great-grandmother that is stuffed full! Will be watching for a new cabinet color. We have custom oak cabinets that I am toying with the idea of painting. Can't decide if I want to bite the bullet or not. Am thinking of two colors though - white on top and something different on the bottom. IF we paint them! LOL

  6. Your table is beautiful. So simple & fresh for spring.

  7. So beautiful!!! I love your collection of bread boards...they have such great patina. Your new lantern looks great too!

  8. Your kitchen is an open, what I call, country kitchen. IT'S GREAT. All of my kitchens have been open. My Hubby removed a bar for me once to open the kitchen for serviceability . Your kitchen is just my style.

  9. Loving the new light over the table and your vintage jar filled with tulips. You have a wonderful collection of breadboard. My hubby doesn't get why I want them. He says spend money on big decorating antique pieces not on an old board we will never use.

    I figure not a bad deal so I'm collecting larger decor pieces.


  10. Gosh how I love that table. Gorgeous.

  11. Hi Kim, give you share the source of the sardine pot. The only place i have ever found any was in Fairhope ,very pricey. Thanks

    1. I did bit the bullet and buy it in Fairhope. They are that price everywhere.

  12. I love your kitchen and touches and I like the sage green cabinets!!!!

  13. I always like looking at your rooms Kim because you move it around a bit and offer new inspiration. I remember when you changed the color of your cabinets so I am anxious to see what you choose this time, if you decide to paint. We would love for you to share your kitchen/dining room on our link party, Celebrate Your Story.

  14. Love, Love, Love the honeycomb bowls...yummy

  15. Gorgeous! I love all the wood tones and textures!

  16. Hi Kim - haven't stopped by in a while - absolutely love everything you've done, no surprise. I love the old boards too, they have a story to tell, have been used to create meals for loved ones, etc... and their "texture" is worn, warm. I also LOVE the idea of a cup in the glass cannisters - why haven't I thought of that! I have those cannisters on my counter as well - will need to find two vintage cups to go inside.

    I am so over the granite on my kitchen counters and island - would love to change that up, if only it weren't such an expensive exchange - and messy!