Blues in the Sun Room


If you have been following me on Instagram, where you will find me posting almost daily, then you know I have been adding blue around the house. The sun room was the first room I added blue in with the purchase of this new rug. The other rug kept fuzzing to the point of wearing out wear I sat and my feet were all the time. I would find tumbleweeds on the rug so it was time for it to go.

 Let's look at how I added blues in the sun room.

Blue pillows were added, of course, and I cut some hydrangea blooms from our bushes which are exploding with blooms. I'm going to try and keep up with them this year. Last year they burned up in the hot sun.

I added these blooms to an enamelware pitcher I have had. I also had enough cuttings for two more vessels.

The solid blue pillow is an old one from Pottery Barn and the lighter colored ones I purchased from Jolie Marche on line. After putting these pillows together I realized they both have diamond patterns.

The rug is a Dash & Albert cotton rug and I have owned so many of these rugs in all colors and patterns. This one is like a big rag rug and I love all the many tones of blue. I hope this is the last one I have to buy for a long time.

This is another fun pillow I bought at Anthropologie while shopping with my daughter and granddaughter a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't even looking for a pillow and then there it was. Note to self not to check out the pillows at Anthro.

I mean how could the blue texture and those big fat poms not come home with me? It was also a very good price with the down insert included. I have paid as much just for a cover.

I get asked all the time where the lamps are from? I picked those up in a home decor store while out of town last year in Fairhope, Alabama. I've seen someone else with them on instagram so maybe be on the lookout for them when out shopping and you might get lucky.
The trunk was one of the first antiques we bought around forty three years ago.

The lamps are made of metal and have a chippy finish.

Grain sack pillows pulled from my stash were placed in the leather chairs.

Thanks for touring my sun room and have a great week!


  1. Love your new rug. Your sunroom looks great all decked out in blue.

  2. We have one of those trunks, too. It was also our first piece of furniture as newlyweds, and we paid a whopping $5.00 for it. That was 47 (yikes!) years ago. We had it refurbished, and the man lined it with a wonderful Ralph Lauren wallpaper. It is on our screened porch, and I love it!

  3. The sunroom looks amazing with the new pillows and are on a roll with the blue! :)
    Great Anthro find...seems like you can always find something great when you are not searching for it...Happy Monday!

  4. Always love your sunroom as you know. The blues and whites together are soooo pretty.
    I am so jealous you are already getting cuttings already from your hydrangeas. Mine are just starting to grow and get buds. Happy New Week.

  5. Kim, this room is the prettiest ever! It pulls one in for cool calm comfort. Gorgeous pillows and rug! I am coveting big time. T

  6. Hi Kim! The new rug is fabulous! I love the cotton rugs from Dash & Albert and Serena & Lily. I've been trying to decide between several. Tell this the DENIM RAG WOVEN COTTON RUG? That was one of my choices. If it is, you may have helped me make my decision! It's so much easier to visualize when it's pictured in an actual room. Thank you so much. The sunroom is beautiful as always. Best, Deena

    1. Yes, it is. If you like a casual blue rug you will love it!

  7. Your home is so pretty, Kim - and I love the pops of blue ♥

  8. Oh my word, I just love this room. I just love it to pieces!!! Kim? I always see people with these great slip covers for their couches. You also have one. I have never seen one that was for purchase that is as nice. Did you have to have that made and if so who made it may I ask. I looove your home!!

    1. My sofa is the Pottery Barn basic and is probably 15 years old. I did buy the slipcover for it from PB and to tell you the truth it cost a fortune and is not made very well. When I need another one I will probably just get a whole new sofa for not much more than the slipcover.