Chippy Finish by Mother Nature


This is the sotry of a bench that has worn many coats of color and now has the perfect chippy finish which wasn't created by me, but by Mother Nature. How you say?
 Well, let me show you.

A finish like this doesn't come from sanding, but from the weather. Yep, the weather did it. 

Forgive the quality of this photo, but this is how it looked originally. My mom gave me this bench as she had gotten a new iron bench and I said I would love to have this one.

Then one day I decided it needed to be painted and went with this vibrant green which was a regular semi gloss paint. This was back in my very colorful days several years ago after I started blogging.

Then Annie Sloan Chalk Paint hit the states and I jumped on board and painted the bench in French Linen.

The last paint color was Graphite in Annie Sloan paint and then I had no place for this bench as new ones moved in and this one ended up on the deck. I thought it would be nice for extra seating.

I let it sit out uncovered for the past couple of years through many bouts of rain and then the hot sun. For awhile it looked fine and then the paint started chipping off. I really thought I would get rid of this bench, but for now I moved it back inside.

The main reason it is back inside is after getting the exterior of the house painted the paint on this bench was still chipping off when it rained and the pieces of paint were getting all over the window ledges on the fresh paint color. So it was time to move it.

Some spots wore back all the way to raw wood.

So now it sits on this wall between the kitchen and great room.

So maybe set a piece outside to get that great chippy look.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the chippy look❣️

  2. That bench is "Perfectly" Gorgeous!!!!!

  3. You can NEVER have too many benches. NEVER let one leave your house. My eye tells me it's in perfect is.

  4. Love the perfect chippiness!!

  5. It looks awesome! Maybe adding a coat of wax would stop any further chipping and keep that great look?

    1. It was waxed when it was outside and now I have Hemp oil on it.

  6. Kind of fun, Kim. I remember that bench for earlier posts and always liked it. I hope you have a really great weekend. xo Diana

  7. I love the worn, aged, weathered look! Looks great in that spot...I see a furniture shuffle coming soon!

  8. I love it just the way it is! And I wouldn't get rid of it...looks great where you have placed!!

  9. Oh a favorite designer at our house, Mrs. Mother Nature! Love the look! Making lemonade out of lemons! happy day kim , laura (formerly not a trophy wife) now at Everyday Edits

  10. I like the chippy patina on the bench.

  11. I'm loving this bench. Sometimes weather works in our favor with paint. Funny how this turned out to be a good thing.