Musical Chairs


You know what happens when you buy a new chair and then one chair has to be moved and then another and then another? Well, that's what has been happening here and today I'm sharing my musical chairs and it all started with this one new chair below.

This new chair I ordered took a couple of weeks longer to get here than expected, but worth it.

What's not to love? It's a beautiful textured oatmeal linen with down filled cushions and brass nailheads along every border.

And a pretty backside is the icing on the cake.

This is the chair that was in that spot.

It moved to the master because the chair that was here...

.....moved back into the sitting room. You can see it in the master here. It got moved because after painting the antique French commode in my bedroom blue this chair wasn't working next to it.  

This is the chair that was in the sitting room where the plaid club chair is now. It got moved to the master bedroom by my nightstand.

This chair was where the striped one is in the photo above and now it's in the foyer.

Then the green chair that was here got moved because the green was one too many colors for me in here and this tufted chair was placed here as the two chairs switched places.

The tufted chair came from this spot in the farmhouse style guest bedroom and now the green chair is here.

There is another small wood chair that ended up in the bonus room and one older thrifted chair that was in the bonus room will be leaving. I knew something would have to go.

If you kept up with all that you deserve some kind of reward!

Have a great day!

It's skin check up day again for me and the hubs and people do NOT work on those tans!!


  1. Love the new chair and it was fun playing musical chairs!

  2. I hope there won't be a quiz at the end of this...ha! I love all all your chairs and how you make them work all over your house!

  3. I'm dizzy from all the moving. Now I know why I never liked 'musical chairs". But love the changes!

  4. The joys of having a whole house where the colors coordinate - makes musical chairs - and accessories so much more fun.

  5. So. Many. Beautiful. Chairs. !!! ♥️ They all seem to be their sweet spots. 😍

  6. Where did you purchase the new chair? Simply lovely.

  7. Such a pretty chair. Love all the detail. Musical chairs is always fun. Have a great week.

  8. Your husband must be a saint!

    1. Saint for what? He didn't do anything! I bought it and moved the chairs around. :)

    2. Love the response! Lol! And the musical chairs; I can identify with both!

    3. Good job! I figured he did the moving.

    4. No, these weren't too hard to move myself. He's usually at work when I do these things. :)

  9. So happy that all of the chairs sang to the song of the traveling chairs. It all looks beautiful in their new homes! The new chair is stunning!!

  10. I love your pretty new chair! I'm a chair-a-holic so moving chairs around is a favorite pastime of mine. ;)