French Country Light and Airy Summer Bedroom


It is officially summer now and it is definitely hot, hot, hot! The best thing we did a few months ago,  was to paint the master bedroom a light and bright color. The new color makes the room feel cooler on these hot days. I liked the brown color, but had wanted to make it lighter for a good while. I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet and just did it. Best decision for sure.
I shared the reveal after we painted it, but the room has had a few updates.....of course.

This is my French country light and airy summer bedroom.

The room gets so much more light now with those dark walls gone. There isn't much light in this room anyway, even with four windows, but this lighter wall color sure helped brighten it up. I love how the dark wood armoire really pops now instead of getting lost in the sea of brown.
The armoire was a Craig's List find several years ago and it needed some work that Mr. Savvy took care of. It's a vintage Drexel Heritage and you can read about what was missing on it in the reveal post.

If you don't follow me on instagram then you probably haven't seen my new nightstands. The French commode that served as my nightstand, the past several years, was tall and hid part of the window. Now more light can get in and I have room for this larger chair, too. After painting the room the two mismatched nightstands were bothering me so I ordered one new one and then the other. I purposely looked for a French country style and these fit the bill. They are by Hooker and I ordered them from Houzz.

Even my vintage dog lithographs, that I was lucky to win at an auction in France, look good against the lighter walls. I did have only one in here before and the other was on the bookshelves in the great room. I like displaying them together in here now.

This is Mr. Savvy's side. As you can see on the clock I was taking these photos late in the afternoon. This is when the room gets the most light and it doesn't stay very long. The sun ends up behind the trees next to our house.

Here is a closeup of the finish on the nightstands. I love the worn look to them. 

Chairs have been moving around the house and I decided to use this tufted one in here. You can read more about my musical chairs in this post, but you will see that the chair in this room switched again.

I'm still loving all this white and flax colored bedding, but I can add color anytime now that the walls are an off white, but with it being so hot and muggy out I'm keeping the white for now.

This is the view from the master bathroom. I'm so glad I bought this bed a couple of years ago. I had wanted it for years.

You can see a peek of the French commode. I recently shared the updated look in this post.

I moved my cow painting in here, but am looking for something different like a pastoral painting.

This is the view from Mr. Savvy's side of the bed. Yes, I get the side closest to the bathroom since I always have to get up at least once a night and he normally doesn't. The bathroom renovation is still the best thing we have done. I still walk in it and can't believe it's mine.

I ordered these white pillow covers months ago when they were on sale at Serena and Lily. That's the only time I splurge on that site. When they arrived it was winter time and they were just too white to use then, but now they are perfect on the bed. I had planned to use them on a sofa and of course they may move to one some time.

My hydrangeas are still growing, but some of them are starting to look a bit burned so I need to get out there and cut some more. I shared how I had to do a bit of an update on the bedside lamps here.

That's it for my French country light and airy summer bedroom. 

Have you refreshed your room for summer?

Keep cool and have a great week!

Wall color: French Canvas by Benjamin Moore


  1. LOVE the Summer bedroom! Must say that i so love the white and cream/beige color combination with the pops of blue. I remember long ago combining those colors in the vanities of the bathroom so that either a white or beige wallpaper background would go with wearing those colors too in the summer. Beautiful room and love the French dresser makeover!!! Beautiful room!!!

  2. Oh Kim it all looks lovely. You did a beautiful job as usual. I cannot even begin to tell you how your sharing of your home brings so much joy to my day. My relaxation time before I start a maddening day, is a peek inside your beautiful home. Then all day long amidst a stressful life, I think about how I can do these things to my home. And it keeps my mind off of allot of stress. Thank you so much. You touch lives in ways you will never know. God Bless you Kim....and thank you.

  3. Light, bright, beautiful!! Your bed with all the layers and textures is just gorgeous!! Pops of blue...perfection...

  4. Beautiful, soft, cool. I love it all.

  5. Pretty room.

    My hydrangeas last through the summer. Is it leaf or blooms burning? If leaf burn, water from below, do not get water on the leaves. Bloom burn, they are probably getting too much sun. Most varieties of hydrangeas like some shade. The rocks around them may cause them to get too hot/wilt, but shouldn't have anything to do with burn. On another flower note, I am going to try the oak leave hydrangeas - not until fall, but will be planting some then. I love them and the shape of their blooms, and they do take more sun than most.

    1. The flowers start getting burned edges around July or so and they just quit looking as nice just like all my other potted flowers. The hydrangeas only get half day of sun. If if was the leaves it would be from all the rain. I haven't watered them in a couple of weeks. We had an oak leaf hydrangea, but it got destroyed several years ago when my husbands garage was built. He didn't move it and it did well.

  6. It looks so beautiful Kim! I just got back from a walk in the hot sun so to see a white room is so refreshing to me! Enjoy!

  7. Beautiful as always Kim. Happy New Week.

  8. Looks lovely. What color is your wood trim?

  9. So peaceful. Love the duvet cover and dust ruffle. May I ask where you found them?

    1. Duvet cover is old from Pottery Barn and the dust ruffle is from an Etsy shop.

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