Summer Styled Great Room 2019


Ah, summer. Hot temps, long days, schools out, vacation, grilling out, smores, flowers, green grass and trips to the beach. That's what summer conjures up in my mind. It is also the time I add some coastal vibe and colors in my home.  

Summer Styled Great Room 2019

With the neutral background that looks like sand on the beach it's easy incorporating a few beachy items and some blue pillows and flowers for a simple summer feeling.

Freshly cut hydrangeas are in containers all around the house as our bushes keep on supplying me with more blooms to enjoy.

Some of my vintage fishing floats were added to this paper mache bowl. 

Pillows the color of the ocean have replaced the heavier pillows.

A long rustic tray is filled with books and collections.

The coral and sea fans are real and the shells are a mix of found and purchased ones.

The faux orchid has replaced the ivy plant that was slowly dying.....poor thing.

More flowers, books and another sea fan sit atop the antique French cupboard.

Miss Bailey loves the new chair so I placed an old grain sack on it to keep the chair clean.

I decided to place this lidded basket under the bench.

We had several lower humidity days after days of rain, but boy oh, boy the humidity is back!
That's alright I'll be hanging out inside where it's nice and cool after I have more skin cancer surgery this morning. Wear your sunscreen!

Hope y'all have a great week!

You can visit last year's look here.


  1. Your summer decor is beautiful, Kim. I love the soft blues and the overall coastal vibe. I hope all goes well with your surgery today.
    Take care,

  2. Loving your summer look. Good luck with your surgery today.

  3. Good Luck today Kim. These pictures are lovely, I think the blues are so beautiful with your decor. Kim, thank you for always answering the questions we all post here also. You are so generous with your time and your sharing of where you made purchases. Thank you so very much, you are such a great inspiration to people and to lives of whom you do not even know! Your blog brings so much happiness to all!!

  4. Good luck today! Weather has been so great here! Nice to enjoy the firepit this time of year. We're warmer yesterday and today, expecting some rain, then mid-80s for a couple of days before heating up. That's okay. I love spring/summer/fall and you can't keep me inside (other than mid day LOL). You'll find me in the shade. Our pergola with shade is one of the best purchases/decisions we've made!

  5. The room looks fantastic as always. Love the pillows. Take care and hope all goes well for you today.

  6. Love all the summer vibes in your Great Room Kim! Best wishes on your surgery today. I too have been through several myself and its not fun. Hope the younger generation learns from us when sunscreens weren't even on the radar.

  7. Love it. May I ask where you got your faux orchids from? Also, the hydrangea branches, real or faux?

  8. Your great room is so pretty Kim. I love the classy and elegant way you’ve used beachside elements. Best of luck with your surgery. Hoping that there will be no more. Be Well!

  9. It all looks lovely Kim. You never disappoint with your sweet decor ideas. Happy New Week.

  10. So light and airy and beautiful! Love all the blue accents!