Charming Home Tour......@mollyinmaine


You are in for a treat today! Instagram is full of beautiful homes of all different styles and designs and tons of inspiration. You can get on there and next thing you know a coule of hours have flown by. I found Molly @mollyinmaine a couple of months ago and fell in love with her home and her cute pups and kitty. If you love coastal style or Nantuckett style you are going to love Molly's home. It's so casual and laid back, but decorated so beautifully with stunning views of the water. Her home truly belongs in a magazine. So get comfy and enjoy these photos of Molly's charming Maine home and then pop over to her instagram account @mollyinmaine to see much more. 

Love the shakes and look at that cute pup.

The dogs names are Cisco and Maddie and as you can see they know how to get quite comfy after a day running around outside. I love all the blue and white and the fabulous mix of patterns throughout the home and that giant bird picture gets me every time.

I think I would cook more in a kitchen with that view!

Molly used to live and work in Maryland for thirty four years and retired in 2017.  In 2016 they found and purchased this property in Maine which had two 1950's seasonal cottages. In 2017 they completely renovated one of the cottages and turned it into a guest cottage and then tore the other structure down and built the home.

This is the cute guest cottage and of course Cisco and Maddie love it.

More of the cozy guest cottage. I just love all the mixed patterns and colors.

This is the dining area in the main house. I love the two sided fireplace.

This is the cozy sitting area on the other side.

I can just imagine sitting at this table and enjoying that glorious view.

Just beautiful!

Molly used a local architect to design the home and she chose all the finishes inside and out and designed everything herself.

She did a fabulous job. I love how it looks like it's been around for a long time, but she moved in last year. It's so cozy and beccons you to just come in and get comfortable.

I sure hope y'all will go over to her instagram account @mollyinmaine and give her a follow so you don't miss a thing.

She also mentioned she's considering starting a blog so I'll let you know if she does. 

I hope y'all enjoyed that fabulous tour and thanks to Molly for letting me grab some photos from her instagram to share here.

It's Friday so I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend and stay cool in this sultry heat wave!


  1. Kim, Such a beautiful seaside home! Thank you for sharing!

  2. LOVE her home and Maddie and Cisco are the cutest....the view is magnificent as well as the house...I immediately started following her on IG....That view from the breakfast table so reminds me of our view in our last home in South Florida...miss it! I so Love Maine! Thanks for sharing Molly's gorgeous home!!!

  3. Such a charming home.....thanks for sharing ❣️

  4. Leaving for Cape Cod in a few days & Molly's house has me aching to get there!

  5. Yes, she should definitely start a blog! I have come across her feed on Instagram and love her style. Thanks for sharing and stay cool today. If your weather is anything like ours, it will be a hot one!

  6. How sweet and pretty. Happy Friday Kim.

  7. Outstanding and Maine is so beautiful. We love the islands off the coast. My husband often talks about retiring there in a little seaside cottage...because NY winters aren't bad enough!! Ha! Thanks for sharing, off to Instagram!

  8. Being from CT and having a Mom who lived on the seacoast, I really enjoyed this article! Thank you, what a lovely home!!!!

  9. Cope Kamlowsky7/20/19, 2:19 PM

    I love that she uses color! I realize that red isn’t popular right now, but it speaks to my soul. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful home!

  10. what a wonderful home not all white like most of them you see today it reminds me of my taste i have a 1960 vintage mobile home all done in blues and white[it is my she shed]

  11. Each and every shot of Molly's home is beautiful! I love following her on IG. Great feature!

  12. I love to see Molly's beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!