Local Antique Shopping


After my dental appointment yesterday, getting my new crown and a cleaning, I decided to go have some fun so I popped in the local antique store. I normally go to the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, Georgia, but this time I stopped in the local one and then went to the other store, too. Why not, it was better than going home and cleaning.

Today I'm sharing some photos I took.

Cute things in this booth.

Beautiful artwork.

This very large doughbowl was a great price at $155. I have a large one and don't use it. I prefer the smaller ones.

This booth was filled with blue and white.

I really don't know a good price on these so I have no idea if that's a good price or not.

I am drawn to old oil paintings and I had thought about bringing this one home, but didn't care for the signature jumping out at you. 

This is a really pretty pudding mold. Had not seen one in blue like this before.

Cute name for this booth.

I love to see how vendors decorate their booths. They went all out adding beams to the top of this one.

This is a beautiful washstand with a marble top and if I had room for it I would have bought it. It's only $495 and I just love all the details of it. It would be great in a powder room with a sink and faucet added. Darn I wish my powder room wasn't the size of a small closet.

Love the zinc light.

That was all from the Buford Queen of Hearts store and then I drove about thirty minutes to my favorite shop in Alpharetta.

There just seems to be more of what I like in this store and it's worth the drive.

Always beautiful French antiques in this booth at the Alpharetta store.

That's all I took at that store since I just shared a shopping visit there not too long ago and you can view that post here.

Did you see anything pulling your heart strings?

 Today I'm staying home and cleaning this house.
 Where do all those darn dust bunnies come from?

Enjoy the week!


  1. What fun to go through that place. Lots of fun finds. That pudding mold is really pretty...and I love the big dough bowl. I had one years and years ago that I gave away...what was I thinking?!

    Have a great week, Kim. Hope the crown settles in nicely...always feels a little weird when you first get it done. xo Diana

  2. I have one of those really large wooden bowls and call it my row boat.

  3. Oooh I would like to go through those stores! Sadly, it seems that many of our area antique stores have closed. We do have a nice one that recently moved and acquired some new sellers, so I need to visit there again. That is not a good price for the canton platter. That is from china, unlike the beautiful transferware from England (I collect the brown). I have never seen a mold like that either; mine are all ironstone solid white/cream. A little piddling with my flowers, a little housework and then going to an appetizer party this evening.

  4. That's what I'd like to know I think they multiply like bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love that old painting---even with the sig.

  6. Wow what a great place. I want one of those white chippy wood chandeliers hanging for my new living room. How cool are those. Love all the pictures. Swooning over a few. Have a great Tuesday.

  7. I adore the sheep painting, but the signature is a definite turn-off for me, too.