Summer Dining Room


I was looking through my archives the other day and noticed that I haven't shared the dining room since last January when it was cold outside and you can view that post here. I'm always refreshing and updating spaces and a few months ago I swapped out the chairs in here again with the French antique chairs that were in the kitchen. It's an easy change for a fresh look. 
Let's take a look at the summer dining room.

I brought back in this beautiful pastoral painting in place of the horse sign that was here before.

I bought this big deep doughbowl a few months ago while out of town and I've filled it with vintage Japanese fishing floats that I ordered from ebay last year. I like spreading coastal decor around the house each summer. Just simple seasonal updates.

The antique hutch is basically the same except for some changes to the decor up top.

I picked up this lavender plant at the grocery store and it's doing quite well. I just have to remember to water it almost daily.

My collection of confit pots sit on top of this armoire. Funny, this armoire is really not my style, but it's the very first antique Mr. Savvy and I bought together and it's not going anywhere per his request.

I don't show this view alot and I believe the mirror that's over my bed now hung over this blue Now this painting I bought at a consignment shop several years ago hangs there.

My assistant decided to photo bomb this shot.

If you sit at the table facing the sitting room this is your view.

A few cooler days this week and I'm going to enjoy them. 

Have an awesome week!

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  1. Kim, I feel as though I have just toured a lovely home in France! It was fun to see your dining room from this perspective and how it sits in relation to your kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous. I’m especially in love with your assistant.

  3. I love how versatile your paintings and accessories are, they easily change up from room to room. I don't think I've ever seen your armoire that's in the dining room. It's perfect, no matter the style. Your spaces look so calm and serene. Just beautiful.

  4. I like that you add just a touch of coastal in your summer d├ęcor. Oh, and I love when Miss Bailey makes an appearance too!

  5. Love your fresh look! I have a long wooden bowl on my table filled with fishing floats as well! Love it!

  6. Your assistant is the best!

  7. If Mr. Savvy were to agree, I’ll bet you could transform that chifferobe into your style with your painting skills! ....pretty house. Pretty doggie!

  8. I loved seeing your rooms at these angles. Pretty furnishings. I have a hutch similar to yours and would like to send you a picture and let me know if it's antique? I have matching server. Both pieces are in my storage building.

  9. Quite different from my home - I appreciate the formal look you have - so pretty!