Summer Styled Guest Bedroom


I hope everyone's summer is going well. Can y'all believe it is the middle of July already? June for me was filled with visits and surgeries at the MOHS doctor and for now I have no more skin cancer and I hope it stays that way. We'll see if any new ones show up when I go back in November. The other issue that just came up, the week of July fourth, is I broke a tooth eating a piece of steak. I didn't have any prior trouble or pain with this tooth so I was shocked. Tomorrow I go get a temporary crown. I was due to go for my cleaning the end of the month, but my teeth just couldn't wait to go see the dentist. 😀 
So far all I've done is go to doctors and now I'm due my eye exam and a physical.
 I'm ready for fall!

Well, you're not here to hear my woes so let's see how with just a few simple changes this guest bedroom has been refreshed for summer.

These are the last of my blue colored hydrangeas. These are drying quite well in this bucket of water and I shared some others on instagram I cut that were just about to dry on the bushes so I clipped them and brought them in. Many were already turning brown so I hope I saved enough to use this fall.

I'm using the same duvet cover that I used in the spring bedroom and I added the blue striped quilt just as another layer. Then I changed out the pillows with these plaid pillows and the fun lumbar pillow which all work well together. I love mixing patterns. I think these blues are just fresh for summer.

I change things up a lot, but those black and white cow prints have hung right there for years.

We planted a limelight hydrangea bush last year and it's blooming beautifully now. I cut a few to enjoy inside and placed them in this blue and white jar. For those new here I painted this night stand several years ago. I used Miss Mustard Seed milk paint and it chipped like crazy, but that's the look I was going for.

I get asked all the time where this nightstand is from and it's from Wayfair.

This armoire has been painted many times. It was a dark cherry when we bought it and stayed that way for years. Then I painted it red, then gray and that didn't last long and I painted it this soft blue and have kept it this way for several years.

This pillow is from my stash. I love the tiny check print.

The plaid pillows and the lumbar pillow covers are from The duvet cover is from Pottery Barn, but the blue is sold out and has been for months. Not sure if they are getting more, but I have had many ask about it so they should get this color back. They have it in blush in a king size and they only have the shams in gray. Come on PB get more of this bedding in.

The white quilted Euro shams in the back are also Pottery Barn. That is the linen bedding they have carried for a couple of years and it comes in several colors.

I also get asked where the frame is from that I have above the bed. That was found at a local antique mall and it is a mirror that I removed the mirror glass from. I also lightend up the color with a very light watered down wash of paint.

Thanks for stopping by and touring the summer styled guest bedroom.
I hope your week goes well and mine will be much better after I get the crown done tomorrow morning.

See last year's colorful summer look here.


  1. It all looks so beautifully summery!...The combination of textures, colors, and patterns is perfection!
    I need to start looking for new bedding...but too many other decisions are taking priority now...hopefully I can move on to the "pretty" decisions soon....have a great day Kim...Good luck t the dentist!

  2. Any guest would be happy to stay in that guest room. It is so calm and fresh!

  3. All I can say about this room...BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! Kim, you can take a paper bag and make it look pretty, you just need to come to Brooks the fun we could have. Take care!

  4. What a beautiful, fresh looking bedroom. Would you share what is on the wall behind the bed please. Not the frame, though that looks wonderful and such a change from an actual mirror. It is the wall itself I'm interested in Kim. I have looked at the photos heard and it looks like horizontal wood panelling with a wash on it. There is so much on the market though it may not be what it looks like but I love it. Thanks in advance. Take good care.

    1. That is peel and stick wallpaper from Limitless Walls. You can find many like this by googling peel and stick wallpaper and check out Etsy shops. Limitless Walls is really pricey unless they came down on the prices. I haven't checked recently.

  5. Beautiful job Kim! Thank you!

  6. My favorite! Love the serenity of the look. 👏👏👏

  7. Is the striped quilt from Pottery Barn as well? I cannot find it.

  8. I love this bedroom! I have been looking for the perfect duvet for ...I can't tell you how long. This pottery barn duvet is the one....I pray pottery barn gets more soon.

  9. Hi Kim,
    That bedroom screams "comfort"...... love it! I am looking for a wooden bench similar to the one in front of the bed. Can you share your source? Thank you

    1. Thank you, Tracey and I'm afraid I found that bench in France.