Weekend Getaway Dreaming

I think most people like to go to the beach for vacation and I used to, but as I get older and not enjoying time spent out in the sun anymore I prefer going to the mountains where the air is cooler. I would love a weekend getaway home, but that's not going to happen even though it almost did many years ago. Hubby was going through some kind of mid life crisis and bought a mountain property, but we never did build on it and eventually sold it. I still love the charm of mountain homes and I found this beauty on Atlanta Homes

This beautiful mountain home is located in Cashiers, NC which is less than two hours from our house so it would be a very short drive. We have been to Cashiers a few times and even looked at property  there several years ago, but we would have to sell our current home to build in Casheiers. 
Let's just say....not cheap.

I wouldn't mind cooking in this kitchen even on vacation.

Of course I love the blue and white.

A nice covered deck to take in the views and I'm sure that fireplace comes in very handy.

It's the weekend again and I'll be pretending and dreaming about this weekend getaway!

To see more of this beautiful property click here.


  1. P.S. I prefer mountains to the beach any day at this point of my life!

  2. Since I live in the mountains, I still love to get away to the beach! This is a great home, but I am not sure about the subway tiles on the vent hood....

  3. what a gorgeous home. I love Cashiers but you are right $$$$. have a great weekend!

  4. I love a getaway to the beach but don't enjoy it when its in the 90's and so hot that unless you stay in the water most of the time its not enjoyable. I would rather be in the mountains where its cooler. We usually plan a beach trip for September when the crowds are gone, the prices and temps are better.

    I love Cashiers too but you are right property there is very pricey! Everyone that I have known that had a second vacation property worked themselves to death trying to maintain it on weekends and really didn't have much time to enjoy it. We are retired but I still have no desire to have two places to try and keep up. We are doing well to keep up one! ha

  5. Beautiful. I live in the mountains but miss my beach. Can't we have the best of both worlds?

  6. So beautiful. The mountains are lovely and so relaxing.