Decorating With Antiques


" A room doesn't really come to life unless it has some antiques in it.".........Phoebe Howard in the Southern Living Magazine.

If you have been following along here with me for any length of time then you know I love decorating with antiques in my home. I love the mix of old and new and I especially love the thrill of the hunt. I also have inherited a few pieces and those are extra special when they come from family.
Southerners are passionate about antiques and I am definitely southern. Born in North Carolina and raised mostly in Georgia and have lived here for fifty three years. I grew up in a house with antiques as my parents loved them, too. My parents divorced right after I got married and when my dad got a new house he found some beautiful antiques to fill it plus inherited some from his parents' estate. After my dad passed away I ended up with some of those pieces and have incorporated them here.

Today I'm sharing how I use antiques in my home.

Let's start where you enter in the foyer. This chest was in my dad's house and I don't know if it is one he bought or if it was from my grandparents. Either way it's the perfect size here.

A few months ago I purchased these antique herbiers in an antique shop in Alabama and hung them over the chest to add that French country style I use throughout the house. The little ironstone compote, filled with oyster shells and that old real starfish, is a vintage piece I bought this summer. I like the unique design of it.

On a dark rainy day. 

A couple of years ago I purchased the antique dark wood French hutch on Ebay and I love how the color pops against the white walls. The dining room table is by Hooker and I painted the apron and legs of it to make it look older. You can see close ups of the hutch in this post along with the old yellow ceiling. I had previously used a new hutch from Hooker in here while I waited to find the pefect antique piece. Be patient to acquire those special pieces.

Beside the front door is my cane collection in this antique barley twist umbrella/cane stand. The roe deer antlers are also vintage from Germany and I buy those on Ebay.

This photo, from last spring, shows my favorite antique find of all... the French vaissilier. I replaced a bookcase that we had purchased from a furniture store that was much smaller. Shirley from Housepitality Designs was with me when we found this and I called my husband to ask him about buying it. So glad he agreed! They had just put it on the floor and I'm glad I found it early because it would have certainly been sold to someone else. The price was a steal for one of these.

Most of the artwork in here is old and collected over time.  The boot forms were found at Lucketts one year.

A stack of vintage lidded baskets and this demijohn are on the wall from the foyer to the great room.

This cupboard is the largest antique in the great room. I purchased this on my one and only trip to France sevearal years ago. I first had this in the foyer before moving it in here. It is a great storage piece and is filled with lots of my stuff. I need to clean it out.

In the master bedroom the bed looks like an antique, but it is new and anyone can get one. The mirror above the bed is an antique I found at Scott's Antique market in Atlanta a few years ago.

The armoire is an antique Drexel Heritage found on Craig's List and we picked it up at a thrift shop. The back was missing and Mr. Savvy repaired it. You can read that post here.

The two dog lithographs are very old and those were also purchased in France. They were in an auction that was going to take place after I was back home so I told our tour host what my budget was for the two and he went to the auction and then he let me know I won.

I even put antiques in the bathrooms. This is our remodeled master bath. I found that French child's chair in an antique shop in Destin, Florida where my dad lived. I loved visiting that shop when we visited him. The dog painting was found in a local flea market years ago. It's not a very good painting, but that's what I love about it plus it reminds me of my maternal grandparents' collie that I remember seeing a few times and he looked like Lassie to me.
Master Bath Reveal

This French farmhouse table was what I was on the hunt for when I went to France and I was so glad I found this one in a small antique shop. I still want to refinish the top of it. It has burn marks and someone added some kind of orangey stain to this. I have the leafs to it, too and they are in the natural brown finish.
 The copper molds on the wall are also all old and found in many different places. While the lantern looks old it isn't.

The twin headboards in the bonus room were my grandparents' beds. I remember them using those when I went to visit them when I was very young. My dad had inherited them and then I got them after he passed. The chest between them was also my dad's.
See more of The Cutest Christmas Bedroom.

There are so many more antiques in my home, but we'll stop there. I hope more people will look to using antiques in there homes. They're very easy to mix in with any style.

Busy week this week with an eye doctor and hair appointment and a visit to see my mom.

Have a good one!


  1. hi kim, you have a knack for integrating antiques. I always feel like mine don't fit it my decor. They look great! Have a great visit with your mom! laura

  2. Kim, All your antiques are beautiful! I also have several antiques pieces throughout my home, they certainly add character to any room. Great post!

  3. They are all so beautiful and fit perfectly in each room!

  4. I know antiques are not for everyone and that is fine. We have always loved them and had them in our home. My husband loves them too. I don't think we have a single side table that is not antique. I love barley twist also and have a drop-leaf table in the sunroom with the barley twist legs. Two hoosier cabinets, an ice chest, etc. I am with you on the thrill of the hunt and I won't settle. I also have my grandparents first bed. An armoire in the great room and one in the master BR, antique dressers in the bedrooms. So you can see our love for antiques!! Have a good day! Off to lunch with some girlfriends and then to spend some time with my dad.

  5. Everything you do is perfection ❣️

  6. I love using antique pieces in my home too. Just like you I grew up with parents who enjoyed them and I inherited that love. So many homes today look like a catalog for Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, etc. with no real personality. My husband and I enjoy antiquing and do lots of day trips to stores that are hours away. Your home is so beautiful and inviting. I think your barley twist cane holder has to be one of my favorites!

  7. Rhonda here,I've been following you now for maybe couple yrs., didn't realize you were from my home state. NC. I knew we had something in common besides collecting antiques. Love your home and all of your collections. Have a great day.

  8. Your antiques are beautiful! What makes them even more special is that many of them are family pieces. My general philosophy is “Why buy new if you can buy old?”

  9. This was a great post. Almost everything I own is antique except for a couple of coffee tables. I can't imagine a home without anything old. Those herbiers are gorgeous. If you ever come home and they are gone....they were snatched by me!!

  10. Kim, your home always delights. Your eye for beautiful pieces to mix in yields a gorgeous style. Like you, I'm sad many are moving away from antiques. I've always appreciated the patina of time on older pieces, and find it interesting to mix things up. I like a nice mix, a collected home that evolves over time. We will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary on the 30th. I look at our home and it reflects the story of us. I like that!

  11. Kim,
    You have inherited some beautiful pieces and have blended your antique pieces so well with your modern pieces. I love mixing vintage with modern as they styles can compliment each other beautifully.

    My husband and his sister will have the difficult task of cleaning out their dads home soon as he goes into a care facility from the rehab facility. He has a few antique pieces passed down from his parents that he wants my husband and his sister to divide up.

  12. Hi Kim,
    I always love your posts but I think this one is my fave of all time. I love seeing all your collected antiques in place. You have some cool things girl! Love always seeing your home too. So beautiful.
    Happy Tuesday.

  13. It's all very interesting and beautiful

  14. Love seeing your antiques in your house. I love antiques also. I don't have new in my house. When I got married 46yrs. ago we bought new for our new house. I wished I had listened to my mom and bought antiques. Later I sold the new and have collected antiques since.

  15. I too am a Southern gal who has been blessed to inherit wonderful family pieces; furniture and accessories. We downsized to a small home last year and had to make some decisions regarding what would be going to our new home. However, it has been sweet to watch treasured pieces go to our children and become part of their homes and lives. I know that the trend with the younger generation is to shop Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware etc and change furniture/accessories with the trends BUT antique furniture (especially when family pieces) is classic and timeless. It brings me joy to know that our pieces will survive at least one more generation in our family.
    Thanks so much for sharing yours :)

  16. I love the mix of antique and modern thing´s in my home. The herbiers are just lovely - great idea!
    Love from Titti and a sunny Sweden

  17. Lovely in every way!! Do you have the source for the dining light/lantern?

  18. I LOVE your antiques. I wish you could visit us and see all we have inherited. What we love most is every piece has a story. I even framed my Dad's WWll calvary uniform and it hangs over my mother-in-law's piano where she sat and played with our boys when they were growing up. Oh, and we sleep in my in-laws antique full size bed and if you visit us you too will sleep in an antique full size bed that my parents gave us as a wedding gift.