My Go To's For Fall Decorating


It's almost fall y'all and it's officially fall in less than a month. I know many of you are hanging onto summer for dear life, but it's been hot, hot, hot here and I'm ready for the weather to change to cooler crisper days and I love the woodsey smell of fallen leaves. When it cools down I like to go out on our deck in the morning and breathe in that fresh air with that smell only autumn can bring.

So while I have not done any fall decorating yet I am coming up with ideas for what I want to do this year. I am planning pillow pairings and bed linens. I need to change up vignettes from summer seashells to something more fall like. While I'm planning away I have been looking back at past posts of how I decorated spaces to spark some new or even repeated ideas for this fall.

Below are some of my go to's for adding fall around the house without any of the real cutesy ceramic pumpkins and scarecrows, etc. If you like that then fill your home with it, but it just isn't my style. I do love whimsy, but not on overload. Maybe just a fun pillow or a cute sign, but not to where my home looks like a store. I just want a nod to fall not an explosion.

You will notice there have been changes in the house since these photos were shared. Furniture and accessories are always moving around here.

My Go To's For Fall Decorating

Simple mum placed in an urn, a vintage French bread basket filled with apples and some feathers tucked in an old trophy in the French Country Fall Foyer 2018. Mums, apples and feathers are great pieces for fall.

As you already see I love using apples in my fall decor like I did in the fall sun room 2018.
A cute fall pillow adds a touch of whimsy.

I love decorating the sun room and this is the fall version from 2017. Here the rust colored pillows and the bottle with the fall leaves are good go to's.

Two years ago I added fun colors of rust, gold, chocolate and blue in the great room.
Fall colored pillows and some fall leaves certainly say fall.

Copper, mums and winter kale in in the French Style Guest Bedroom for Fall two years ago.

This was the fall master in 2017 and it certainly doesn't look like this anymore. I can't wait to add subtle fall touches in the new bedroom this year. It won't be colorful like this.

Sometimes even the deck has gotten in on the fun like this look like when I brought the indoors out
in 2015. Can't wait till it cools down enought to use the deck again.
Here are more mums, apples and fall pillows.

Added some touches of fall for a little whimsy in this fall style guest bedroom.
I this room I added a pumpkin and some cotton to ring in fall.

Old quilts are definitely a go to for the cooler seasons.

The dining room usually gets a few things added to the table. I filled a large wooden tray with a mum, baby boo pumpkins, and more feathers. Check out the full post here.

A few years ago I added some beautiful fall colored roses and some eucalyptus to the mantel.
I like using birch logs and some vines laying across them for added texture.

Can y'all believe Labor Day weekend is coming up?

In the blogging world that means it's time to add fall!


  1. I can't believe Labor Day is right around the corner, your place is lovely as ever

  2. You always have the prettiest fall vignettes! I am always sad to see summer go but the fall decorating gets me excited for fall!

  3. One who loves spring and summer. I actually dread the time change. Also, I do not care for the standard fall colors - earth tones. I'll change out pillows, add some throws, and a few changes here and there. The outside gets cornstalks, fall flowers (although NO MUMS for some reason they remind me of funeral flowers LOL), pumpkins, etc.

    I love the bedding used in your master in that picture.

  4. I love your style.I am the same. My motto is "less is more". 😉

  5. it's hard to believe Summer is leaving us already. I love fall but I want more summer for awhile longer. Love all you ideas of inspiration for fall. Happy Tuesday.

  6. I soooo agree with your style and simple decorating for the seasons! We had 109 degrees yesterday, so I'm just not feelin' the Fall Season decorating thing. As usual, I pinned your pictures to go through if it ever cools off around here! LOL!

  7. hard to believe fall is right around the corner, hoping the weather brings us some cooler temps to get me in the mood. Kim, your home is so beautifully decorated every season!

  8. Your style is always lovely.

    Our summer weather didn't kick in until mid August so I will savor days on the beach and not decorate for fall until October. But that doesn't mean I'm not getting ideas. I'm gathering copper, silver and metal pieces to hold fall flowers and branches throughout the house. I noticed some of yours right away.

  9. Everything looks beautiful Kim! I am looking forward to seeing what your share throughout fall too!