Visiting The Antique Mall and Consignment Shop


Can you believe it's the end of August already? Do y'all have big plans for the long weekend? I'm sure we will just be hanging around home and working in the yard. I will cut the grass again while Mr. Savvy spreads more rocks out behind the new sod. It is looking so much better. The new hydrangeas we planted are doing fantastic and I can't wait till they really take off next summer. They are growing like crazy, but that will end soon.

I've been visiting the antique mall again and I stopped in a consignment shop, too that is across the street from the antique mall. Here are some phone shots.

This beauty was in the consignment shop. Wish I wasn't out of walls.

I seriously contemplated this lamp, but left it.

I'm tempted to go back after looking at this again.

Pretty pine hutch and half off.

Now onto the antique mall and my favorite booth. Great table with the best chippy finish.

I took these last week and went back yesterday and this table was gone. Someone liked it.

This fabulous sign was gone, too. That's why if you love something then buy it because they do get sold.

This vendor always has the things I like.

I've been looking for a table to possibly go in the middle of my kitchen, but the area isn't huge and this table that I really liked is way too big.

I love mixing old pillows with new.

The tag on this said an old baker's table. 

On the way out I spied this little French pastry table that I missed. Probably because it has stuff on it and in front of it. Now this table may be a possibility. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend and of course we are all watching the hurricane as it approaches the states. My son and his family live on the east coast of Florida and I believe this will be his first hurricane. I hope they're ready!

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  1. Which mall and consignment shop were you at? I'd like to go there.

    1. Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta and the consignment shop is across the road.

  2. I love that vintage apple picking basket. Super cool. Have a great holiday weekend.

  3. I hope you went back to get the small pastry table!

  4. Love it all - that pastry table is fabulous and the sweet needlepoint pillow is perfect - you need them both!! I've never been sorry for something I purchased, because I can always get rid of it one way or another if it doesn't work out, but I surely been sorry for not buying something that was sold by the time I got back to the store!

  5. What a great shop...that sign is AMAZING.

  6. Gorgeous pieces!!! I wish central Florida had more "antique stores" instead of "thrift/junk" stores! I love that bakers table, and the pine hutch!!